Administrators Change Nurses’ Day to Feb 29th

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CHICAGO, IL – Rush University Hospital Administrators made a recent change to the much celebrated: Nurses’ Week. They eliminated existing nurses’ week, May 6-12th, and replaced it with February 29th.

“We thought we’d give nurses the most special, unique day of the year: February 29th,”  Janet Wilson, a hospital administrator, exclaimed. 47787617_m“Nurses work extra hard so we want to give ’em that extra day!”

It is estimated that the new change will save up to 75% of printing costs for Nurses’ Week posters. Hospitals are always looking at their bottom line and saving money from simple changes like this to help keep Administrators employed.

In fact Ms. Wilson was given a $10,000 bonus when she implemented the idea. “We really think saving the $15.68 a year in printing costs will drastically help out the hospital,” Robert Rasmussen, Hospital CEO, told reporters. “We are always looking to save money where possible, and on top of those savings, we also save on the extra janitorial cleanup after each year’s pot luck bonanza. Although I’ll will miss Shannon’s 7-layer dip. ah… Maybe she’ll bring it to Hospital administrators month in May.”

Administrators around the country started to ‘leap’ for joy with the novel idea. “You know that Rush University Hospital is ALWAYS cutting edge. We will implement this change Tomorrow! [March 1st].”

Janet was seen drafting papers to move Nurses’ Day to Feb 30th in 2017, and expects to see another bonus as soon as it’s filed.

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