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CHARLESTON, SC – Local Internal Medicine physician Randy Kitts was headed out on a fishing trip Saturday when he realized before he set course he should “probably get Rheum on board.”

“Well, the waters are getting kinda dicey out there,” Dr. Kitts told a local doc-hand.  “I think it would be a good idea to get Rheum on board.  It’s Saturday, I doubt they are doing anything.”

When excess water was seen in the boat before departing, the internist decided to get Renal on board: “Let’s call Jack and just give him a heads up.”

Jack Dreekich was confused.  “Does he want us on board or just aware that he is going on a fishing trip?  It sounds kinda fun, I want to be on board.”

Gastroenterology was also on board specifically to help gut the fish.

“Hey Randy,” the on-board Rheum doc said.  “That’s a nice fish-finder you have, what does all this stuff on the screen mean?”

“I have no clue, better get Radiology on board too.”  When the radiologist came and read the finder, he determined there were fish in the area, but casting correlation would be needed.

Cardiology was on board to help with the bilge pump but unfortunately she started to get motion sickness.  “I’ll get ENT on board too.  This will be an exciting fishing trip.”

Unfortunately Psychiatry didn’t get to the dock in time for the 8 am departure.  So they were never on board.

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Lord Lockwell
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