TV Show “Doctor Who” Changes Name to “Nurse Who” After Realizing There Are No Woman Doctors

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LONDON, ENGLAND – The producers of Doctor Who made a huge mistake: they cast a woman to be the next Doctor Who.  After Jodie Whittaker’s signature was dry on the contract, the show-runners, Dallas Livingston and Charles LeFort, realized they made a grievous error: Women are not doctors, they’re nurses.

“I went to the hospital yesterday to visit my father and noticed that every woman was a nurse,” LeFort told reporters.  “Sure a female came into the room and introduced herself as ‘Doctor such and such’ and really had me going for a while.  She knew everything about my father’s medical condition and treatment,” LeFort went on.  “I couldn’t stop thinking ‘Wow! The nursing care here is great.'”

When LeFort came home that night he called his partner Livingston with some bad news. “Dallas, we have a HUGE problem on our hands, there is no such thing as a woman doctor.  Women are nurses.  We need to rename the show!”

After some debate about what was customary on the Planet Gallifrey and their gender roles, they decided it wasn’t worth the screen time to try and explain the confusion to audiences.  “We feel they won’t connect with a female doctor if they never heard of such a thing.  This show is science fiction, but some things have to be believable.”

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