Wonder Woman tiara
Wonder Woman tiara
Wonder Woman responds to a nurse being repressed by a call light

THEMYSCIRA – After a nurse pleaded for her assistance, Wonder Woman has helped thwart the persistent annoyances of a button-happy patient by using her boomerang tiara to knock the call light out of that evildoer’s hands for good.

“This patient kept pressing the call light over and over again,” nurse Tammy Watkins told both Wonder Woman and Gomerblog, still traumatized by the oppression.  “The patient would press it a hundred times if I wasn’t in the room, she’d press it a hundred times when I was in the room or leaving the room, she even sat on it regularly so that it went off by accident, though you wonder if it really was an accident.”

Even though Wonder Woman stood miles from the nefarious call light in question, Wonder Woman heaved her tiara with pace and precision, knocking the patient’s weapon out of his possession forever, thereby restoring the nurse’s freedom.  Watkins immediately felt the weight off of her shoulders.  Wonder Woman caught the tiara as it boomeranged back into her possession, unblemished by the foul and corrupt bedside device.

Gomerblog asked Watkins if her hospital, Amazonian Medical Center, was fitted with call lights with lockout intervals.

“Amazonian technology, not to brag, is pretty awesome,” Watkins replied, pointing at Princess Diana’s tiara, bracelets, and Lasso of Truth, before emitting a long sigh.  “But that being said, we don’t have those call lights, those sound incredible.  Tell me more about them?  I want to vicariously live through you.”

Sources close to Gomerblog believe Wonder Woman’s next task will be to slam her indestructible bracelets together and create a wave of concussive force so strong it will straighten every bent patient arm out there, preventing any IV pumps from beeping ever again.

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