Smug Anesthesiologist blames everybody

Anesthesiologist Correctly Identifies Anatomic Structure During Surgery

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SPRINGVILLE, VA – Local part-time anesthesiologist and full-time crossword puzzle enthusiast Arnold Preston, M.D. shocked the entire operating suite today when he correctly identified an anatomic structure during surgery.

“Well, I don’t really know what to say, I mean most times I don’t even know what extremity those guys are operating on, I pretty much zone out and listen for ‘table up’ or ‘table down’ and go back to my puzzle.” Preston went on. “But today I had just finished a really tough puzzle and was ready for the next one when I looked at the monitor, and blurted out ‘Is that the biceps tendon?’”

The entire surgery team fell silent because they were in fact looking at the biceps tendon.

“I was shocked!” said orthopedic surgeon Flex Gordon. “I don’t know Anesthesia is even up there half the time let alone watching and able to identify what I’m doing. Now that I know they are watching I expect them to tell me how awesome I’m doing, just like my Arhex rep does.” Gordon was later seen showing countless “scope photos,” and explaining how “baller” his rotator cuff repair was to a clearly disinterested Preston.

Preston then celebrated his newfound notoriety by taking his third break of the day; it was 8:30 am.

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