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Inappropriate: Radiologists Keep Talking About Over/Underpenetration

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CHICAGO, IL – Health care professionals are up in arms over their radiology colleagues at Chicago Medical Center, who keep talking about overpenetration and underpenetration on a regular basis among themselves and even among non-radiologists.

overpenetration underpenetration
Really good penetration

“I was looking for a read on a stat chest X-ray so I walked into the unlit, dark radiology reading room, which already was a red flag,” explained family medicine attending Dennis Mann, “and even in my presence they had the nerve to talk about one patient being underpenetrated, another patient being overpenetrated, I just couldn’t believe my ears.”

Mann said he was both disgusted and confused because it was male and female radiologists, residents and attendings conversing with such gutter mouths.  “One of the female attending radiologists talked about ‘the right way’ to penetrate… I don’t know what she wanted to penetrate, but I couldn’t keep listening, it was absolutely sickening!”  Mann is still shaking his head.  “My colleague Michelle came into the room, and we both just listened.  They knew we were both standing there and still they didn’t change how they spoke.  We were shocked.”

Mann reported the offensive behavior to colleagues and administrators.  Though the radiology department has been approached by leadership, they continue to use the same lewd terminology.  At the request of Chicago Medical Center, the American College of Radiology (ACR) has begun an investigation into the matter, but they see no wrongdoing on initial impression and ultimately will recommend clinical correlation.

“I personally don’t think it’s as disgusting as neurologists finding cranial nerves to be grossly intact,” replied ACR CEO Dr. William Thorwarth when Gomerblog reached out to him for comment.  “I don’t see anything wrong with enjoying a radiographic image with the perfect penetration, even if it’s a pediatric patient.  That’s why went into this field in the first place.”

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