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Breaking: CMS Creates New Blame Anesthesia ICD-10 Codes

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) & National Center of Health Statistics (HCHS) have created a new set of ICD-10 codes allowing non-Anesthesiology health care professionals to both blame Anesthesia and then bill for it.

anesthesiologist blame Anesthesia ICD-10
“Blame me and bill for it!”

“Health care professionals that aren’t a part of Anesthesia spend most of their hours in a day blaming Anesthesia so it’s finally time to credit them for the time they spend doing so,” explained Seema Verma, head of the CMS.  “Health care as a whole can earn significant revenue by billing for Anesthesia’s blame alone.”

Currently there are over 70,000 ICD-10 codes, none of which blame Anesthesia for anything.  To start, Verma will introduce six new Blame Anesthesia ICD-10 codes:

  • IH8-ASA-1A: Unspecified blame towards Anesthesia, initial encounter
  • IH8-ASA-1D: Unspecified blame towards Anesthesia, subsequent encounter
  • IH8-ASA-2A: Specified blame towards Anesthesia, my car won’t start
  • IH8-ASA-3A: Specified blame towards Anesthesia, my spouse is pissed at me
  • IH8-ASA-4A: Specified blame towards Anesthesia, this soup is cold
  • IH8-ASA-5A: Specified blame towards Anesthesia, Nickelback blows

“We have so many codes and figured adding a few more wasn’t going to hurt,” Verma told Gomerblog, truly excited for the new codes.  “And the ones we’ve added for blaming Anesthesia will become the most used ICD-10 codes in history, we have absolutely no doubt about that.  Who hasn’t blamed Anesthesia?  Even med students feel comfortable blaming Anesthesia.”

CMS will ask non-Anesthesiology health care professionals to specify the number of minutes blaming Anesthesia.  Each minute is worth 99 RVUs.

In addition, Verma said CMS plans to create another 100,000 ICD-10 codes dealing with specific reasons why Anesthesia is to be blamed, and admits using Gomerpedia’s A List of Things We Can Comfortably Blame Anesthesia For as a starting point.  With time, she hopes to introduce a “Create Your Own Blame Anesthesia ICD-10 Code” for health care professionals.

CMS is considering adding an “I Accept Blame” ICD-10 code for Anesthesia to use; it will be worth no more than zero RVUs.

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