John Hancock Declaration of Independence

THIS DAY IN MEDICAL HISTORY, 1776 – On this day in both medical and American history, the President of the Second Continental Congress, John Hancock, co-signed his delegates’ document as follows:

John Hancock Declaration of Independence
Not only was a new country born, so was the era of co-signatures

“I saw and examined the Declaration of Independence and agree with the findings and plan of care as noted by the delegates of the Second Continental Congress above.”

Hancock signed his now-famous signature as well as his pager and callback numbers.  With that, both the United States of America and the standard attending co-signature for intern, resident, and fellow notes in modern health care was born.

Next time you scribble an illegible co-signature on a progress note or a prescription, remember John Hancock and his perfect penmanship and ask the question, “What would Hancock do?”

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