GOLETA, CA – Puritan Bennett’s new ventilator mode is a hit with the Bay Harbor Hospital night shift. Along with the standard AC, SIMV, CPAP, APRV and MVV modes, their newest offering, the PB-1001, comes with a LATTE mode offering steaming hot coffee at the touch of a button.

“This really helps keep me awake when I don’t have time to get downstairs to the cafeteria,” said night respiratory therapist (RT) Laura Jorgenson.

“The new PB-1001 comes with a refrigerator to keep your milk cold until ready to use and a rack to hold bottles of syrup so you can serve vanilla or caramel lattes in under a minute,” said nurse Bear Jones.

Not everybody is as enthusiastic about the new offering.

“Doctors and nurses haven’t been able to keep their hands off my ventilator in the past and now families are playing with the vent,” said RT Maria Cobb. “Two nights ago my patient’s mom was trying to make a mocha latte and she put the vent on stand-by mode instead of making her skinny latte.”

Still, the new vents seem to be welcomed by most of the night shift.

“Watch for the PB-1001a, our optional new French Press, which will be offered early next year,” Jones added.