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Hospitalist Hopes Stethoscope Fairy Leaves Money Under Pillow

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ATLANTA, GA – Thinking he might get a fiver for it, hospitalist Jeff Rodgers placed his broken stethoscope under the pillow before going to bed last night in the hopes the stethoscope fairy might claim it. 

stethoscope fairy
Time to put this under the pillow!

Rodgers has had his maroon stethoscope since medical school.  “It was a hand-me-down from my mom,” Rodgers explained.  “She used to be a primary care physician, but when she retired and I went to medical school she gave me hers, which was awesome.  I’ve been using it ever since.” 

Unfortunately the constant wear and tear accrued over the years, with a series of cracks in the tubing finally rendering the thing useless.  Even the strongest of adhesives – glue and duct tape – couldn’t keep the cracks in the barrel from reopening.

Rodgers replaced the stethoscope but wasn’t sure what to do with the old one.  Thankfully, his 4-year-old daughter had an idea: give it to the stethoscope fairy.

“I can’t say there is much evidence regarding the existence of stethoscope fairies,” said Rodgers, whose searching on PubMed came up empty handed.  “But I couldn’t not take my daughter’s advice, right?  I mean, she did get ten dollars for a tooth just last month.”

Much to his surprise, Rodgers checked under the pillow this morning and found a twenty-dollar bill.  He was ecstatic.

Rodgers told Gomerblog he plans on depositing his “f**king pager” under the pillow tonight when he goes to bed.  If he gets money for it, great, but admits he would be perfectly fine if it was taken by the Pager Fairy for free.

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