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Hospitalist Washes Car with Alcohol-Based Foam

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NASHVILLE, TN – Hospitalist Dana Avery walked into her patient’s room this morning and noticed he was using alcohol-based foam.  Not an unusual observation.  However, he didn’t stop after using it to clean his hands, further rubbing Purell the solution over his arms and his face.  “I want to wash up,” he told Avery, “but I don’t want to get out of bed.”

It is these set of circumstances that led Avery to wash her dirtied-up vehicle today entirely by alcohol-based foam. 

“To tell you the truth, when the patient told me that, my mind wandered and I kept thinking how I needed to get my car washed,” Avery told Gomerblog as she showed off her glistening BMW, with its distinct alcoholic scent.  “I’m always looking to save a few bucks if I can, car wash be damned.” 

After her shift, Avery “borrowed” several bottles of Purell before rushing home and hand-washing her car.   “Just like my patient, I squirted some Purell into my hand and just started rubbing it all over the car until it was looking brand new.”

Avery says the alcohol-based foam worked very well but that the task was laborious, taking 5 more hours than anticipated, but was a really good workout.  “I probably have rhabdo,” she joked, rubbing her sore shoulders and arms.  “But it’s clean and disinfected.” 

That being said, Avery wants to remind people that if you have a strong suspicion your car has C. diff to avoid alcohol-based products and use good ole soap and water.  

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