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Major Hospitals Caught in Diabetes Scandal

SUGARVILLE, TX – The Hershey Memorial Hospital (HMH) has been cited in a nationwide investigation ...


Collagen Etude

One-third of all the proteins in the body are of collagen. We know that ...

traffic jam outside of operating room

Traffic Report: Pile-Up In Front of OR 21

HOUSTON, TX – At approximately 5:13 PM today there was a multiple-bed collision in ...

anesthesiologist hospital

Breaking News: Operating Room Finishes On-Time

In a bizarre occurrence, the operating theatre at St Margaret’s Hospital managed to complete ...

sick patient

Emergency Medicine Attending Fails to Admit Old Man, Resigns

BLOOMINGTON, IN – Emergency medicine attending, Dr. Howard Rugers, announced his retirement yesterday after ...

orthopedic tools

Synthesis Introduces New Product Line, Instant Hit with Orthopaedic Surgeons

CHESTER, PA – Orthopaedic instrument and implant manufacturer Synthesis recently introduced a new product ...