Friday, April 30, 2021

Funny Medical Videos

Funny medical videos

OB/GYN Ice Cube “It Was a Good Day” Parody

OB/GYN representing on the last day of residency for so many!  I gotta say that today was a good day....  Thanks Rockville Slim!!    

ENT Parody of Warren G and Nate Dogg Regulate – Pure Awesomeness

ENTs, you gotta show some love for this song! This might become your official anthem. Thank you Matt Dogg and Kareem T for this killa video and tight song.  Well done!  Are you sure...

Parody of Big Sean’s Bounce Back: ED/Medicine Bounce Back

4th year medical students rock it out in this parody of Big Sean's Bounce Back.  Well done!!!      

Phyllis the Decoy Nurse

Overworked?  Patient/Nurse ratios too high?  Sounds like you could use Phyllis the decoy nurse!!  Love this video from Dr. Subbio!!    

Resting Bitch Face Treatment

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Exciting new breakthroughs in the ongoing fight against resting bitch face (RBF) from the City of Brotherly Love.  Follow @drsubbio for crucial updates and StudioSubbio on YouTube.  

Koko the Gorilla Speaks Out About Healthcare

0 Koko the Gorilla asked Gomerblog if she could speak to the American public about her concerns about modern healthcare.  What she has to say will shock you!

ZDoggMD – “Lose Yourself” Let’s Unbreak Healthcare

Everybody knows that healthcare is way broken. And those who claim it isn’t are either financially dependent on the status quo, or are trapped in some medically-induced delirium. The days of Health 1.0 (physician-autonomy, minimal transparency, paternalism...

What’s It Like to Be a Murse? [Video]

This latest release from HEALTHCARE NOT FAIR is a tribute to murses, or male nurses, or really just a nurse that happens to be of the male gender.  Hope you enjoy, relate, and share with...

Electronic Hell Records Parody Video

If you love electronic medical records, then you will HATE this video! Please make sure you chart that you watched this video. Healthcare NOT FAIR's youtube channel is full of short skits about this...

ZDoggMD: ‘Once I Was 7 years old’ (Time to Put Primary Care First!)

ZDoggMD produces yet another gem.  It is time to put Primary Care first again!!!  Join the ZDogg revolution, we have!