Friday, August 7, 2020

Funny Medical Videos

Funny medical videos

hospital readmission

ZDoggMD: “Readmissions” (R. Kelly Parody)

ZDoggMD presents "Readmission," in what critics are already calling one of his greatest masterpieces!  If you enjoyed this video, you have to check out his site HERE.  Make sure you subscribe to his Facebook...
health care

Healthcare Not Fair Presents Episode 1: ‘Ms. Have It All’

Healthcare Not Fair, a satirical, comical, and at the same educational web series about American healthcare, launches its first episode "Ms. Have It All" at  Created by a practicing physician, inspired by his...
rectal exam glove

Rectal Exam Nuisance: New Product Changing the Way We Look at Cheeks

MIAMI, FL - A new product by Telameto Corporation has emergency practitioners cheering for joy.  The inefficiencies of the rectal exam will quickly be history with the Guaiak Sleeve.  No more than half a...
I try to be a nurse

ZDoggMD: I Try

Dr. Zubin Damania aka ZDoggMD is at it again with a fantastic parody of Macy Gray: "I Try (To Be A Nurse)."  If you enjoyed this video, you can find 100s more created by ZDoggMD...
medical school

University of Utah School of Medicine: ‘Shake It Off’ (Parody Video)

When you get into medical school, it's like your "Wildest Dreams" have come true.  But it's not long before "Bad Blood" starts brewing from the endless exams.  "Style" is out the window as you...
hunger games nursing

Nursing School: The Hunger Games Video

22 Nursing students can probably relate to The Hunger Games.  Video brought to you by SAU Vines!
cpr clear

ZDoggMD: Clear!

We should petition CPR classes to just show ZDoggMD's video.  The excruciating 8 hour class could be summed up in 3 minutes.  Hands only CPR is where it is at anyways.  Plus it is...
measles infection

Dr. House of Cards: Magna Cum Measles

ZDoggMD stars in Dr. House of Cards, Magna Cum Measles.  Looks like little Timmy will be getting his MMR vaccine afterall.  

ZDoggMD: ‘Once I Was 7 years old’ (Time to Put Primary Care First!)

ZDoggMD produces yet another gem.  It is time to put Primary Care first again!!!  Join the ZDogg revolution, we have!    

Electronic Hell Records Parody Video

If you love electronic medical records, then you will HATE this video! Please make sure you chart that you watched this video. Healthcare NOT FAIR's youtube channel is full of short skits about this...