Doctor Puts Tostitos Restaurant Style Chips and Salsa in Waiting Room, Business Booms

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My cough is acting up time to go to the doctor and get some chips!
My cough is acting up!  Time to go to the doctor and get some chips!

Dr. Dufunk, while watching Dancing with the Stars with his wife, noticed during a commercial that putting Tostitos Restaurant Style Chips out in your house will bring in swarms of people.  “I was thinking if I could apply this to my practice maybe business would boom.”  Correct.  The market for non-Restaurant Style Chips is saturated and the public is tired of it.  This natural vacuum causes a “chip craze” whenever a bag of Tostitos Restaurant Style Chips are opened.  The waiting room was packed and the 30-minute wait time created a line going outside and around the building.  “I saw a line and decided to see what the hype was about, I had no idea restaurant style chips would be here!” a current patient told reporters.  “I just thought this was a restaurant.  Turns out it was a doctor’s office, might as well get my prostate checked since I’m here.”  To have food in the waiting room is genius, this doctor – which locally has been nicknamed Doctor Chips – is definitely on to something.


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