DENVER, CO – With expenses spiraling out of control and a budget in the red for the past year, officials at Denver Regional Medical Center have unveiled a new outpatient clinic, which provides efficient care at a fraction of the cost of traditional hospitalization. At their leisure, patients will now be able to conveniently stop in at Multi-Organ System Failure (MOSF) medical clinic, which will be open 5 days a week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“In the past, patients with severe sepsis and end-stage metastatic cancer had to endure the inconvenience and expense of protracted hospitalizations,” said hospital CEO Mark Appel.  “Now, they can just pop by clinic for some quick treatment, then head right back out there and get some errands done or pick the kids up from school.  It’s that easy.”

The hospital steering committee modeled the clinic after other successful ventures implemented last year, including Massive Exsanguination Clinic and Refractory Hypoxia Clinic.  Both of those clinics have reported low bounceback rates and, to date, no patient complaints.

“I really like the idea of not having to be stuck in a bed like this,” wrote cardiac intensive care unit patient Mary Waters on a dry-erase board.  “I can’t wait for MOSF clinic to open!”

Critical care fellow Dr. Jack Wong agreed that the clinic would significantly decrease his inpatient burden.  “Before, I would have to round over and over again on my ICU patients, order epinephrine, place central lines, consult renal for dialysis, cardiovert, and what-not, but now, I just write ‘Follow up in MOSF clinic in two weeks’ and I’m done.  It’s awesome!”

At press time, officials were fending off concerns about the high no-show rate at the recently opened Asystole Clinic.