ear anatomy

Anatomy of the Ear

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  • Cashew Ricker

    Jeff Hollister
    This may be helpful

  • Cashew Ricker

    Emma Servey

  • Kelsey Flint

    Q tips stopper… So true

  • Alicia DeLeon Fowler


  • Kayla Cook

    “Blue snail” hahaha

  • Cameron Gramarye

    That’s just begging for another Deep Throat reboot.

  • Ellie Marie Moore

    Cameron Gramarye, a helpful visual for your class.

  • Nicole Gentry-Kimberlin

    Mandee Nolte Riddell, this should make audiology easier!

  • Michelle Naylor

    Where was this infographic during my ENT residency??!!?? Would’ve made yr 3 so much easier ;)

  • Peggy Shiflett Waide

    Theresa Jones – can I use this in class?

  • Gloria Haynes


  • Daniel Sturgeon

    Jessica Crowe

  • Anne Doyle

    No wonder men can’t find it.

  • Catherine Field

    So that is where the clitoris is. Hmm.

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