PGA pro turns hospital administrator

PGA Pro Becomes Hospital Administrator to Make More Money, Play More Golf

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ – After three mediocre years on the Tour, 28-year-old PGA pro Blake Johnson announced that he is calling it quits and starting a new career in hospital administration.

PGA pro turns hospital administrator
“Time to play more golf and make more money”

Johnson explained his rationale with refreshing candor at a press conference yesterday.  “I made 1.2 million last year on the tour and spent much more time away from my family than with them.  The travel schedule is grueling and the competition is brutal.  After three years, I realized that I was just an average tour pro, and I wasn’t moving up at all.  It was natural for me to ask myself if it is really worth all that travel and stress.”

Johnson had an epiphany while watching the local news last month.  “I saw that CEO Tom Richardson of Arizona Health made 6.3 million last year, and I see him in the clubhouse at my country club all the time.  After reviewing tee-time sheets, I learned that he plays about four rounds per week, which is more than I play on the tour.  That is over $30K per round, or about $1,700 per hole played.”

“Hell, the top pros don’t make money like that.  Plus, there is no stress.  When an administrator plays a round with a Senator or insurance company CEO, it helps to miss a few putts and lose on purpose.  Letting the other guy win is much more likely to secure a huge kickback.  It actually pays more to lose than to win.  I know my future new job is the right one for me – it’s a no-brainer.”

Johnson has already enrolled in hospital administration, hospitality, and Swiss cheese model online degree programs at The University of Phoenix and expects to graduate in 6 months.

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    “: PGA Pro Becomes Hospital Administrator to Make More Money, Play More Golf –” @trinhing

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    Alexander Estrada

    Norma Almanza-Rojas – show this to Eurice! Lol

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    Dan Moullet

    I knew there was a reason to get my My aBout Assets degree!

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    Susan Williams

    Sad because it’s true!!!

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    Christy Supergan

    Hahaha well perfect. I mean there’s no stress with being a hospital administrator

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    Jeff Smith

    Most administrators are pretty close to PGA pros in philosophy anyway..$$

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    Jeff Durfee Jr.

    Christy, Daniel, Matthew lol

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    Blake Morris

    I’ll only play in my italian suit…

  • Avatar
    Andy Pandy

    Blake Morris and Hossein Shaheen Maymani – are umbrellas included?

  • Avatar
    Shelly Farrow

    Love this idea– why didn’t I think of it Christopher Lynch??

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    Christopher Lynch

    Michael Gebetsberger, John Hendrix, Craig Steven Rau

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    Kristina Wehnke Rosu


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    Debbie Sheffield

    Jeff Smith

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    Diane Bockelman


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    Josh Slager


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    Katie Harney Nemitz

    Ha :-)

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