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Tips: How to Manage Your Pent-Up, Work-Related Rage

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Many jobs, in particular ones involving working at the hospital, have a certain way of… how do you say… taking you there.  One of the great (horrible) things about being a health care practitioner is personally experiencing the human spectrum of emotion every 45 minutes.  Especially rage; patient-induced, work-related RAGE.  Take a moment to scream at the top of your lungs: AAAAARRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  Doesn’t that feel good?!  Short of getting hammered, try these tips for good measure.angry man

Cool down by sticking your head into a freezer for 10 minutes.

Ahhhhh!!  Your head will be so cold you won’t even remember what was pissing you off!  (BONUS: If there’s ice cream in that freezer, consume it STAT!)

Purge your rage: induce vomiting.

Ideally, your rage will remain non-bloody and non-bilious.

Scream loudly, either (1) from the rooftop or (2) into a package of contact precaution gowns.

Shout loudly and incoherently into the heavens until you can’t breathe.  If you don’t have the luxury of going outside, go to the nearest supply area, find a package of contact precaution gowns and scream loudly into them, letting their soft and soothing material muffle your rage.

Click that mouse and hit that Space/Enter bar with a vengeance.

Work that index finger!  Don’t just hit Enter, hit ENTER!!!!!  Tell that keyboard and anyone around you who is boss!!!  Take THAT, BACKSPACE!!!!!  Alternate option: If you have an old-fashioned desk phone, feel free to slam the phone back into the mount (minimum 50 repetitions).

Channel your inner Gronkowski and spike your phone, pager, whatever into the ground.

What can be more therapeutic than taking whatever annoys you the most and throwing it with brute force against the ground?  Get creative with it; use anything!  Feel free to SLAM that saline flush into the ground!!!!  (Stupid saline flush!)

Punch something that has some give, like a vending machine or lunch tray cart.

Healthcare makes you want to swing your fists angrily.  But be careful!  A vending machine has some give; if you hit the sweet spot, you can get a free drink out of it.  Punching the metallic side of a lunch or dinner tray cart causes a nice dent plus creates a loud resounding noise that let’s people know you’re channeling your frustrations in a positive manner.

Punch something that doesnt have some give, like a computer screen.

There’s something beautiful about punching a computer or telemetry screen and looking back at the screen through a kaleidoscope of shattered glass.

Find a computer, printer, ventilator, colonoscope and go all Office Space on it.

Find some friends, find a bat, find an abandoned space like a field or parking lot, and have at it!  Make sure to drop some guttural F-bombs while you’re at it.

Put a random person into a headlock.

Why not?

Play some loud music, gather some colleagues, and go nuts in a mosh pit.

Doesn’t matter if you’re in an office or the intensive unit.  Head-bang, get wild, throw those bodies around, and get all that rage out!  Suggested songs: “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” by Drowning Pool, “Raining Blood” by Slayer, and “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.

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    Sophia M. Duran

    Haha! Tune ya all out!!

  • Avatar
    SirJennifer Dixon

    Personally I love a tendon/reflex hammer and a full linen bag. Whack the crap outta that bag!

  • Avatar
    Glynis Nordman

    Touche el torres!

  • Avatar
    Joann Farrell Quinn
  • Avatar
    Lara Katzin

    Joann Farrell Quinn

  • Avatar
    Buck Joseph

    Jackie Mc Bradley Edwards. Maybe we should try these?

  • Avatar
    Adrian Miclea

    nothing frustrates the core of the soul as much as VA complacency

  • Avatar
    Karleena Twitchell

    Hahaha! I’m sorry, but your comment cracked me up! Gomerblog should make a post just on this “civility” training you have to do! They need you guys to be taught how to be civil (polite and courteous)?? Haha! That’s awesome!!

  • Avatar
    Danielle Fessler Greer

    Juliana Schwerin Kelly

  • Avatar
    Nancy Cox

    There should be a note of caution. Don’t attempt half of there if you have psych rooms in the hospital of the worker might end up getting a mental health eval :). I do love the screaming in isolation gown idea.

  • Avatar
    Casey Collier

    Casey Duncan…trauma pagers may or may not have been spiked in the past.

  • Avatar
    Rebecca Bakkestuen

    Lauren Harrison

  • Avatar
    Erica Corning

    Julie Rice ha!

  • Avatar
    Cicely Cirella

    Love the headlock.

  • Avatar
    Dmitry Bogomolsky

    Erica Cardo RN

  • Avatar
    Kelly Kruepke Petke

    Danielle I personally like the headlock idea….lol!

  • Avatar
    Danielle Fessler Greer

    I could have used this advice yesterday, right Kelly Kruepke Petke?! I am sure I can use again another time!

  • Avatar
    Nicole Leikam

    Sarah Bull they didn’t mention these in civility training but good tips nonetheless

  • Avatar
    Charles F. Garred III

    Tara lol

  • Avatar
    Nikki Guilfoyle

    Tiffany Melgard? Why haven’t we don’t these??? I would spike a vocera if I still had to wear one.

  • Avatar
    Abby Barrows

    Screaming into a bag of isolation gowns is actually a good idea

  • Avatar
    Rory J Merritt-Recchia

    When prescriptions won’t print. Aziz Sulaiman Ted Mosby Aleksandra Smith

  • Avatar
    Sasha Shenck

    Tawney. You really missed your opportunity.

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Camden

    The printer on 5NW Stephanie Bermudez

  • Avatar
    Patti Masters

    Hollie Knapp Amanda Stewart I think we should try the headlock on someone :)

  • Avatar
    Woody Coker

    Sometimes that weekly VA-induced existential meltdown devolves into a pure fit of rage.

  • Avatar
    Sharella D’Souza

    Annabelle Maclure

  • Avatar
    Rachel Torres

    Glynis Nordman

  • Avatar
    Wayfaring Stranger

    yes take that keyboard!

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