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Nurse Disappointed to Receive Patient on Broken Inpatient Bed

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CHICAGO, IL – RN Rebecca Stanton was in shock and disbelief today when she received a patient from the OR backwards, soiled, and in a broken inpatient bed.

inpatient bed“Mr. Peters arrived from the OR to us backwards, completely soiled, and in a bed that didn’t have a functioning motor unit and had a non-functioning IV poll.  I’ve never seen this phenomenon before,” said Stanton.

Anything that could go wrong with the bed did.  The steering mechanism was broken, as was the patient weight feature.  The lock mechanism only worked when two providers stood on the lock pedals simultaneously and sang a Maroon 5 song together.

“The only way to sit the patient upright was to place the patient in reverse Trendelenburg with the legs up and back position down, while holding a wet cloth to the power cord to conduct electricity.”

The motorized steer mechanism acted like an 18-wheeler truck without power steering and essentially required more manual power to engage the gears, thus making it absolutely useless.

“Most of our patients come to the unit in perfectly working beds.  I just don’t know what happened this time,” said Stanton.  “Our hospital never compromises when it comes to quality patient beds.  I don’t understand why this time was so different!”

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    Leah J. Lester

    Chris Gardner

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    Leah Thomas

    So true it hurts…I’ve seen them bring a pt to a non-ICU floor with a respiratory rate of 6 and say “they just admitted her for observation, we’ve been bagging her as needed.” Sure…no big deal…

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    Jen R-f

    The maroon 5 song hahahahha

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    Lisa Barber

    If it was an ortho patient no one pays attention to the pulse!! Only fixing the bone!

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    Christopher Blewett

    Jill McDow Lisa Lang Linhoff

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    Joel Christopher Porch

    These articles are too much. How do they make such inane crap hilarious?

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    Anna Treloar-Tanner

    Most of ours would be over 2 decades at best, more than likely 3 or 4 decades!

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    Bill Michalides

    Sounds like your average inner city HCA hospital, lol!

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    Teresa Ornold

    Not as rare as you think. I deal with that on a daily basis AND I am an OR nurse!!!!

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    Brandy Vanderley

    Ha. Rare…

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    Laura Olson

    With the appropriate use of silk tape, baling wire and spit, the life expectancy of the average hospital bed can be extended to 50 or 60 years. No need to worry about the bed controls, motors and scales breaking with these older beauties.

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    Jessica Jernberg

    Kris Simon

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    Allison Core

    ” it was working when we put the patient on it” said every OR nurse ever

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    Vashta Nerada


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    Sarah May Davis

    I have never experianced this! Said no floor nurse or NA ever.

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    Michelle Kent


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    Kelley Seitter

    Tom Ho Den Hleb Davydzenkav Ryan Lance

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    Karen Townley

    Ha…from the OR your lucky your patient had a pulse

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