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A Patient Wins Oscar in the Category of Best Drama Queen

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Ms. Have It All, a frequent flyer at Lord Have Mercy Hospital, was going through a rollercoaster ride of emotions while receiving an Oscar at the 88th annual Academy Awards in the special category of Best Drama Queen.

drama queen“I don’t know what to say.  I’m speechless.  Should I be happy for this great accomplishment or sad that now all the doctors and nurses know that I’m an award-winning drama queen?”

Wiping tears off her cheeks with mixed emotions at the podium she continued, “Now who is going to believe if these tears are for real and I’m actually in 12 out of 10 pain or just making it up to get my Dilaudid.  These are real tough times for me.”

She ended her speech with this unforgettable statement, “I would like to dedicate this award to the maker of IV Dilaudid who can only understand my pain.”  Ms. Have It All was surrounded by an entourage of paparazzis and journalists when she collapsed on the ground and started to seize vigorously.

Luckily Dr. House who was also there to receive his award in the category of Biggest Misrepresentative of Healthcare providers along with Nurse Jackie, Dr. Oopz.  Dr. McDreamy rushed to the scene and diagnosed her with pseudoseizures.

Ms. Have It All was left alone fluttering on the floor for few seconds after which she got up, brushed the dust off her clothes, took a selfie with her fans and fled the scene in her new Porsche without manifesting any signs or symptoms of a postictal phase.  All of this was captured live by GomerBlog’s paparazzi.

Be sure to check out Healthcare Not Fair, the author’s website HERE and their YouTube channel HERE for some hilarious short videos depicting the current state of our healthcare system.

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