doc hunt
“How is it possible that Da Vinci is more annoying than that laughing dog?!”

Pros / Doc(ument) Hunt is a fun follow-up to Nintendo’s Duck Hunt that allows medical providers to channel their rage against paperwork by shooting up flying charts.

Cons / The fun wears off quickly as you’re overwhelmed with paperwork.  There are no administrators to hunt and, no, you can’t shoot your hunting buddy, Da Vinci.

The One Liner / Doc(ument) Hunt is initially fun but after 15 minutes you’ll find yourself suffocating under all the paperwork, just like in real life.

Duck Hunt is a first-person shooter that debuted in 1985 alongside Super Mario Bros on the same cartridge.  For the generation of health care providers who grew up with Duck Hunt as kids, Doc(ument) Hunt will give them a much needed outlet while reliving some childhood memories.

Ducks have been replaced by paper charts.  Your annoying, laughing a**hole dog friend from Duck Hunt is no longer around, but he’s been replaced by an even more-annoying and useless character: the Da Vinci Surgical Robot.  After a few rounds, you’ll try to shoot the robot right square in the red eye.  Unfortunately, you can’t kill it.  I know, it’s unfortunate.

The initial few rounds are addictive, but like the original game, it starts to get repetitive.  You start realizing how many f**king charts there are and how it never stops.  In fact, by round five, expect to see no fewer than 2,000 charts at which to shoot.  But here’s the problem: you only have 10 bullets and 1 pen.

You’ll probably react like we did: where’s all the other fun stuff to shoot?  No EHRs.  No Pyxis machines, no Omnicells, no telemetry monitors.  No broken computers, keyboards, or mice.  No administrators.  Not even any patient satisfaction surveys.  Just charts.  Lots and lots of annoying f**king charts.

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