To Capture More Cardiology Viewers, Jake Tapper Renames Show to “The 12-Lead”

A new advertisement to lure cardiologists
A new advertisement to lure cardiologists

ATLANTA, GA – In an attempt to attract a higher percentage of the much-desired cardiology demographic, producers and the host of “The Lead” Jake Tapper have renamed their CNN newscast to “The 12-Lead.”

“Viewership among cardiologists and other health care professionals working in the field of cardiology are at all-time low and we think it’s because the original name of the show just begged the question, which lead?” commented Tapper in an interview with Gomerblog.  “We figured this question drove them all nuts, causing them to turned off the programming in disgust.  By naming it ‘The 12-Lead,’ we hope more cardiologists tune in, thinking it’s all about ECGs.”

Tapper admits he briefly thought about renaming the show “The 230-Lead.”

We asked Tapper what would happen if renaming the show doesn’t succeed in attracting more cardiologist viewers?

“Then we call it what it is: failure to capture,” Tapper replied.

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