Doctor Accidentally Heals Fibromyalgia

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For years, Dr. Suda Nim had expressed frustration over his patients who came to the Emergency Department with a chief complaint of a fibromyalgia flare.

Dr. Nim“Every time a patient with fibromyalgia came in, I’d cry on the inside.  Some were fine, but most had vague pseudo-complaint of hurting everywhere.  Also, despite taking a multitude of vitamins and herbal remedies, I couldn’t give them anything other than narcotics because of their three page ‘allergy‘ list.  They really boxed me in.  I finally lost it,” exclaimed Nim.

However, like many breakthroughs in medicine, the cure revealed itself unexpectedly.

Dr. Nim explained: “The first time I did this, I was angry and frustrated.  I just told the patient I was a certified fibromy-ogist.  I gave her high doses of Benadryl, Haldol, and Ativan and I turned the TV music station to the Enya music station.  Then, much like Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid, I rubbed my hands together and shot healing rays at the patient.  I made up some garbage about magnetic fields in my hands purging toxins of the fibro out of her system.”

“I was shocked to find that my patient markedly improved.  Within days I had dozens more arriving to be ‘healed.’  I explained that I had made it up, but they disagreed and demanded treatment.  So I gave the same treatment, which had remarkable efficacy.”

In a stunning revelation, allergies to Motrin and Toradol completely reversed itself, which aided Dr. Nim in prescribing home medications.  “I created ‘fibro-aid pills,’ which is a secret ratio of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and Paxil, and told them to take as needed.”

Dr. Nim, despite openly stating he does not feel his treatment works to treat this complex disease, recently opened “The Fibro Clinic.”  Treatments for $2,000 per 5 minutes are booked for the next four months.  The clinic will also cure aspartame poisoning.

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    Dr Neeley

    This article reminds me of why I became a radiologist.

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    Justin Eiler

    I’m not a medical professional, I am a fibro sufferer, and this article is hilarious–and right on target. :)

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    Your a fucking idiot!

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    Paulie Juan Pablo Escobark

    doobie!! yayyyyy!!

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    YES! lol

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    I am a health care professional of over 30 years, and I actually have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I live with frequent pain, but I have told very few of my co-workers, because I know that this dx is used by the malingerers and drug seekers to obtain sympathy and narcs. I deal with it by NOT using it as an excuse, NOT using narcs, and sucking it up. An occasional doobie helps, as does blessed ETOH judiciously applied during non working hours. ;-)

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    Katrina Degeler

    So not amusing. It's like making fun of a schizophrenic. Fibromyalgia has ruined my life, caused a 4 yr relationship to end, and has resulted in my little girl having a mom that is never physically up to taking her anywhere just for fun

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    Wendy Brimm

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    Mark Kaliher

    Dr Sudan Nim. As in pseudonym? Come on folks.

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    Elizabeth Bivens

    There is a "special place" for people who make a mockery of chronic illness, disabilities or others who are different. No one wants to play with the mean kid, and guess what? You're it!

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    Sally Monroe


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    Shari Cortes

    what a total arse !

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    Loren E Guerin

    I hope you & your Family members NEVER have to face a chronic condition & than be mocked and made to feel small & belittled……….

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    Elaine Hinkle

    Not funny in the least!!

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    Angel Sebastian

    Let'em have it SIL! They couldn't survive with what we have to deal with!

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    Naomi Cowan

    This is disgusting. I doubt a similar "story" about cancer would be tolerated and would be an insult by those who suffer from cancer and their families. Just because you can't "see" this disease doesn't mean we don't suffer. Everyday to wake up feeling like you've been in a car accident enduring pain you wouldn't wish upon anyone and being tortured constantly by what seems to be an ever growing list of symptoms only to have idiots write garbage like this. Shame of you! This disease robs us of so much that we can't even remember what "normal" is like. It keeps us from working, robs us of being able to take care of our kids, robs is of friends and family and is so relentless that there are often times of feeling in complete despair! We have a hard enough time battling this disease and dealing with everything and everyone it destroys that we don't need to read such disrespectful garbage!

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    Sheryl Askins

    I am so completely annoyed by this. How insensitive and irresponsible. No more words here.

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    Rita Fields Mounce

    I know this is just poking fun at people but this is what I would say upon meeting a doctor like this!!! Oh yeah! You sound just like those preachers on TV. You are a false profit to medicine! You know nothing. You are a idiot. Your patients must be just wanting attention because what I have you can't take .Benadryl, Haldol, and Ativan and get relief. Fibromyalgia has to many systems that you should know about. What did you do for the pain from over working, muscle aches and spasms and knots? The knots that swell and get inflamed to the point that you can't grab us. The IB systems? The chronic fatigue and the forgetfulness? The migraine headache and jaw pains. The weakness and unstableness when standing and walking? Need I go on?>>>>>> You are a joke and a phony. I would not step foot back in your office for even a head cold!

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    Lou Ledger

    You tell em lady. Our illnesses are not funny!

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    Gail Gordon

    You gotta to be f–king kidding me n seriously u need to get a f–kin life n if we could only give u a day with fibromyalgia .. Perhaps u could then understand n have 0 tolerance toward arses such as yourself !!!!

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    Lana Williams

    I AM a Fibro sufferer and youa re not even close to being funny! You are making fun of a debilitating disease and those people that suffer from it. I HATE medicines and refused to take medication until I could not suffer in silence any longer. I am not a drug addict, just someone who lives in pain 2/7… how in the hell is that funny?!?!?!

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    Pansy Flan

    It's a joke! It's not real. He's actually expressing frustration at patients that come in "allergic" to typical pain medicine so they can work their way up to the strongest one. It's not even about fibro; he just happened to use it in the article.

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    Eileen Hehling Ostrowsky


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    Pansy Flan

    This whole website is a JOKE. It's not a real article about real treatments.

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    Mendi Brito


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    Pam Miller

    First do no harm…….stunningly astounded by such a snake oil behavior of this physician who is preying on folks with such high hopes. His concoction could be effective on some of the symptoms, but could also cause a side effect called , lymphocytic microscopic colitis , and hopefully some lawyer will 'get this' and sue the stethoscope right out of this doctor's hands, if that is what it takes to stop him. So we are to believe a person who behaves in such an unethical manner? What a racket he has going on. This is way beyond poking fun he is demeaning and potentially dangerous. MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) is a real disorder and many list things as an allergy to, when in fact it is more accurate to list it as sensitive to. Shame on him and anyone who supports this attitude!

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    Joy Berry Hill

    I find this terribly offensive! If I were a less nice person I would wish this horror on him, come to think of it….maybe I'm not so nice after all!

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    Buffy Wheelis

    What an idiot & whoever published this should be ashamed. I suffer with Fibromyalgia and I'd do anything to no longer suffer with it. Would this be as "funny or classless" if it said the same thing only about people with Cancer, Downs Syndrome or any other acknowledged disease. Take this crap down, don't even give him the credit. And what kind of a Dr. Openly admits he's a fraud but is charging patients $2500.00 every 5 minutes, is there not a do no harm promise he made.

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    Tina Jackson-Miller

    This is not even close to amusing! I wouldn't wish the pain I have every day on anyone but the author of this…I hope you feel my pain one day!!

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    Sharyn Powell

    What a Git. I think we all wish it was that easy, but after all the effort to get this disease recognised, this tosser has basically put things backward by saying it's all in our heads again. Appalled

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    Malanya Donaho

    I realize this is supposed to be satire but, as someone who suffers from FMS so badly that there are days when I cannot even get out of bed by myself, I find this article to basically be saying "it's all in your head". This illness has negatively impacted my ENTIRE LIFE, and has taken away who I used to be, and now I cannot even let my young son hug me without him having to ask if I'm hurting too much for a hug! And you have the audacity to make FUN of that?! Were you even aware that 8 out of 10 FMS sufferers commit suicide? There is NOTHING funny about FMS or any other chronic illness.

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    LuAnn Gould

    You guys have got this all wrong…. Fibromyalgia is not the joke here! This doctor is! I realize this is satire, but anyone who believes that this is funny is, indeed, one sick puppy and not worthy of a license.

  • Avatar
    Lorna Walton

    its disgusting that a nerd such as him can have so little understanding and sympathy for what is a very disabling disease. saing that when I was given sleeping tablets for six months years ago I became well and deteriorated as soon as they where stopped

  • Avatar
    Teresa Ann Cashman

    fake story not funny.

  • Avatar
    Tammy Edwards McArthur

    Karma is a bitch. This disease is nothing to be taken lightly. Prejudice & stigma at its work.

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    Charlene Hoffman

    This isn't even remotely funny. Poking fun at a disorder that is recognized by the ADA is pretty close to bullying. People who suffer with Fibro are begging for more research into this this condition. What we don't need is some jackass making it sound like its nothing more than the butt of a joke. We have enough trouble being taken seriously by real doctors, let alone some made up quack. You should be ashamed of even posting this.

  • Avatar
    Amy Smith

    It's hard to find the humor in this when you suffer from FMS each & every single freakin' day!

  • Avatar
    Dorothea Matter Taylor

    Just how stupid can you be? People like you are why people who suffer from Fibro can't be taken seriously. You rank up there with lyrica commercials. I hope you get this disease so you can magically heal yourself. Jerk.

  • Avatar
    Lupe Barraza

    What a quack and where is the medical board in this mess??? I pray no one he loves gets affected by fibro.

  • Avatar
    Becky Bliss Keller Nolan

    Try walking in my shoes for just one day and see how those "healing rays" work for you. Grrrr, freakin' ignoramus…

  • Avatar
    RoseMary Slaughter

    Dr Nim. May the fibrmyalgia gods
    Swoop upon you with a
    Vengance. Probably the benedry gave them some much
    Needed sleep and made them feel better but DO
    You could be quacked!!!
    You are so very cute

  • Avatar
    Joanne Cisternino

    What an Ass!!!

  • Avatar
    Pam Montgomery Jackson

    Dr. Suda Nim is a freak'n idiot….let him get hit with this stuff and see if his magic hands could heal himself.

  • Avatar
    Lu G Moll

    Bull Big joke here!!!!! Not laughing!

  • Avatar
    Divya Ramjee

    #Science at its finest hahaha “: Doctor Accidentally Heals Fibromyalgia –”

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