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RALEIGH, NC – North Carolina has the proud distinction of being the first state in the country to require nurse licensure.  In 1903, the NC General Assembly enacted laws to regulate the practice of nursing and in 1905, nurses were required to pass an exam in order to be registered and practice the profession of nursing.  For this reason, it only seems fitting that NC be the first state to implement statewide nursing awards and recognition for exemplary, compassionate, and professional nursing.  The following nurses are recognized and praised by their healthcare facilities and given fancy plastic trophies for their hard work.

nurses getting awards
“The Refreshments and Narcotics Award, enjoy this plastic trophy”

In the coastal plain region of Eastern NC, New Hanson Medical Center near Wilmington, recognizes Jamie Moore, RN of Wrights Beach for service beyond the call of duty.  Fellow nurses and coworkers report nurse Moore delivered 274 meal trays in one busy ED shift with only 42 trays being rejected by patients and sent back to dietary.

Hospital CEO John Merco states, “This is phenomenal!  Nurse Moore generated almost $10,000 in dietary charges in one shift and that’s never been done before.”  Nurse Moore also won the hospital’s coveted Gold Star for Dietary Revenue award.  And “the most amazing thing,” quotes Merco, “is that she delivered those meal trays while working a Code Blue at shift change.  She’s quite a little money maker!”

The Piedmont region of central NC recognizes Nurse Robert Reznick, RN from Raleigh.  Nurse Reznick is lauded by his coworkers and hospital administration for outstanding I’s & O’s.  In lay terms, this is “in’s & out’s” and simply means this award goes to the nurse who has gone the longest without urinating, eating, or drinking.  Hospital CEO Aaron Compton states, “During a major weather event, the hospital was on internal disaster and the staff was required to stay and work for 72 straight hours in which time Nurse Reznick did not eat, drink, or go to the bathroom once!”

Wade County Medical Center CNO Sara Housman states “this is the kind of dedication we have come to expect from our nurses and staff.”  Nurse Reznick was generously given the next morning off from his duties and allowed to transfer overtime work hours to the next week.

In Western NC nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Cash Memorial Hospital’s CEO Luke Lambert proudly announces the winner of the Nurse Excellence Award for Colonics.  Nurse Patty Johnson, RN was selected by her coworkers, peers, and patients for managing 17 constipated ED patients in one 12-hour shift.  Nurse Johnson worked tirelessly, quickly, and efficiently having as many as six triple H enemas hanging at one time and five digital dis-impactions.  The well-known triple H enema stands for “high, hot, and helluva lot.”

Nurse Johnson was reported to have run out of bedside commodes, bedpans, and emesis basins at one point and one coworker said he thought “she was on roller skates she moved so quickly.”  Amazingly, Nurse Johnson accomplished these tasks while suffering from influenza.  Lambert stated, “This is fairly routine for a busy day in our ED, but Nurse Johnson handled it with exceptional aplomb and efficiency, so in this case, her supervisor agreed to sign her meal exception form.”

At an award ceremony at the Velvet Cloak Inn in Raleigh, the Governor of NC, along with his mentor Artie Hope, praised the three dedicated nurses in each of their respective areas of excellence. I n his statement, the Governor stated, “These three exemplary nurses embody what nursing is all about in NC.  Revenue!  These fine young people ignored personal needs, fatigue, and illness in order to better the revenue cycles of their respective facilities.”  It should also be noted that the Governor is personally responsible for increasing revenues in numerous NC corporations by defunding unnecessary education in the state.

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