dilaudid gastroparesis

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – Deborah Samson, a 47-year-old non-diabetic drug seeker with a terrible but mysterious case of opioid-induced abdominal pain, was forced last week to languish for approximately 25 minutes before receiving the parenteral narcotic she so desperately demanded due to the callous inattention of local emergency department staff.

During that time, Deborah consistently emitted sounds which were mistaken for those of a yak being run over by a train.  The horrid, violent wrenching quickly filled the pink emesis bucket with an amount of noise never before produced by a human.  She then spat out 0.5 mL of clear saliva and asked for another bucket, and the entire process began again.

dilaudid gastroparesis

“I have a horrible disease!!” she managed to scream between bouts of vile and guttural moaning.  “My stomach empties entirely too slowly – you can look it – yaaaaakkkk – up because it is on record here.”

The test to which Deborah referred to, is a nuclear medicine gastric emptying study, which determines how quickly a meal exists the stomach and enters the upper intestine.  Despite the fact that she had three different bowel-slowing narcotics in her system, her doctors were puzzled as to why her stomach emptied at a mere fraction of the rate of a normal person’s.

When seen in diabetics, gastroparesis leads to frequent bloating, early satiety, and vomiting.  When seen in non-diabetic, opioid-induced gastroparesis drug seekers, it leads to an incredible amount of abdominal pain and vomitus consisting of 99% noise.  The sound of a non-diabetic drug seeking gastroparesis patient vomiting is said to sometimes measure on the Richter scale.

According to Deborah, the only medication which will stop the flow of noise emanating from her innards is Dilaudid.  Unfortunately, it also slows her intestinal transit time even more, so the cycle repeats itself.

When it was recommended by Dr. Herb Eaversmells, a local gastroenterologist, that she try to wean herself off of narcotics since they were only exacerbating her problem, she replied, “I’m never seeing you again.  I can’t live without my Percocets, fentanyl patches, and IV Dilaudid.  Get out of my room now, you quack.  You are starting to upset my gastroparesis.  Tell the nurse to bring me a large bucket and some more Dilaudid.”



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  • mochajen98

    I too have gastroparesis – Maybe this article should be more on people who fake illnesses for drugs without a actual name of a disease. My Gastroparesis is not from diabetes instead it’s from dysautonomia. I do not take Narcotics because of the fact that it does slow down your digestive system. The amount of pain gastroparesis causes is severe, and the sad thing is a lot of patients like myself avoid going to the ER for this very reason. Drug seeking is a serious problem, but do we really have to put a diagnosis in the title?

  • ChiChi LaRue

    I have used narcotics for plenty of things (most recent being the placement of a central line, that sh*t hurts), but none of them for my gastroparesis and none of them are any stronger than Percocet. The ones who piss me off are the ones who claim only IV Dilaudid works for them and nothing else. They run to the ER at the first dry heave and complain they’re in the midst of “the worst flare EVAAAARRRRR”. Those are the ones I am talking about. And you cannot deny they make every other legit gastroparesis patient look bad. You also can’t deny that you haven’t met a couple of them, at least online if not in real life.

    Drug seekers who fake it are annoying too, but there are gastroparesis patients who act exactly the same.

  • ChiChi LaRue

    Then I wasn’t talking about you. But I am sure you know exactly the type I AM talking about.

  • ChiChi LaRue

    The only reason so many people are all butthurt is because they mentioned gastroparesis. Seriously, learn to take a joke. This article is SATIRE (although does hit the nail on the head in many cases). Looks like some people can’t figure that out.

    Calm down and untwist your panties. Go back to bitching on Facebook like all of you are so good at. I’ll continue to laugh at this comment section as you all overreact.

  • Barbara Salvatore Tilson

    I have Idiopathic Gastroparesis! YES! When it’s time for me to go to the Emergency room, it means my pain medication that I have prescribed at home isn’t relieving my pain. It means that I am in a Flare Up with the symptoms so severe that the medications I have at home can no longer help me. I would absolutely be SEEKING DRUGS! and, Dilaudid is the only medication that takes the pain away without making me more dizzy and nauseas! I go right into the ER and tell them I am here for pain.. I know the routine, I know what works. I ask for the GI Cocktail first because they bring that right in, It makes the pain bearable during the 3 hour wait before a DR. actually comes in. It’s in my chart that I have Gastroparesis, I don’t know why they feel my disease can wait so long? By the time I see the DR. I am begging for Dilaudid.. I have no addictions, I don’t abuse any substance! If I could bear the pain at home I would.. I go to the ER seeking some good drugs you bet your ASS! And this article isn’t funny at all, the person who chose to make a JOKE out of a RARE, Incurable disease that causes pain is just sick, mean spirited.. What next? a joke about a cancer patient seeking Zofran for their chemo induced nausea??

  • Erika Lyn Hansen

    Hope you never have to take care of me. Then my death certificate would read: Cause: incompetent medical professional, and NOT Gastroparesis.

  • Katie Ballard

    Thank you.

  • Stacie Hallford Clark-Benson

    This person did say that they have GP & is on TPN. Plus they say they are a medical professional.

  • Trish

    Bull shit! You have not a clue what you are talking about. Do you have this disease?? It takes your life away in a second. Just imagine having the flu every single day…. So when you do have some personal experience you can say your opinion. Mine is idiopathic so no reason why it started so you can’t say that it’s opioid induced. Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!!!

  • Melissa

    Clearly, you can’t be part of the profession. You sound ignorant af. What’s funny is the professionals don’t know shit about the disease. There’s no effective treatment options and all doctors say is sorry, there’s nothing more we can do for you. Karma is a bitch….you should be nicer to people. Never know if you or your family will get this disease.

  • gomerblog

    I do value your opinion and the opinions of many of our fans and guests. You and other gastroparesis patients stepped up and pointed out important flaws in our medical system that I wish we could fix. What a tough situation we are all in due to drug seekers, which is another disease in and of itself. Recognition and awareness of gastroparesis problems are the first steps. I changed the title of the article to better reflect our REAL message.

  • Dorothy Zeblin

    Thank you

  • Melissa

    You’re wrong…do the research…they die from starvation/malnutrition, organ failure, cardiac arrest caused by erythromycin, infections, and sugar spikes or drops due to this disease. I sure hope you and half the trolls on here aren’t actual medical professionals. …

  • Stacie Hallford Clark-Benson

    I have NEVER begged for pain relief! I am one of those legitimate Gastroparesis patients that don’t get the treatment that is needed because medical professionals think that we are all asking for drugs.

  • Melissa Adams VanHouten

    Thank you!

  • Stacie Hallford Clark-Benson

    I’m not in panic mode. But fighting for 2 years to get a diagnosis from doctors that told me it was all in my head & then coming here & seeing that we are the laughing stock, makes me a bit irritated. I live every day of my life the best I can….which has no quality I might add & not because I am in panic mode. I would think that you would be a bit more understanding if you say that you have it as bad as some of us do. I think I have more compassion in my little finger than most of the medical professionals.

  • Daraterese Cathryn Gracie

    As a med prof. and gastroparesis sufferer I really appreciate the time you took to apologize. Opioid use is running rampant and is a horrible problem we face trying to weed out patients really in need of pain relief. Unfortunately, most gastroparesis patients that are in a serious amount of pain and turned away being labeled drug seekers due to the actions of drug abusers. It’s a crappy situation and good people are suffering because of it. I think if more thought and tact had been put into the article it would have actually reflected the true issue and could have been really funny, even to a gastroparesis patient like me.

  • Keila Illidge

    Let me start off by saying this article is both untrue and plain hurtful. I can not speak for this woman the article is based on but I can speak about myself. I suffer from idiopathic gastroparesis (non diabetic) and I DO NOT take ANY Narcotics or Non narcotic pain meds AT ALL. Does this disease that has robbed me of my life cause me pain? YES, every single second of everyday. I know what narcotics do to my digestive track so I do my best with dealing with the pain on my own. Not to say that I’ve never needed pain meds when the flare ups get so severe I can’t stand up. Before you pass judgement or make a joke about a disease you do not understand why not actually do some research. I live everyday hooked up to a feeding machine that is hooked up to my vein because I throw up (I actually fill up bucket after bucket of vomit not just noise) everything I eat/drink, I have a feeding tube in abdomen as well to help vent out stomach vile from my stomach and to administer meds that help my digestive track. So the next time you get up in the morning and walk in the bathroom to just pee remember that some of us have to carry poles, feeding bags, syringes, medical tape and gauzes just to empty out our bladder. So this article might be funny to you but to me it’s sad because I’m slowly loosing a battle to a silent monster that no one understands or cares enough to research.

    When you look at yourself in the mirror and can’t recognize the person you see because you can’t get past all the bones that are sticking out of your frail and too skinny bottle then write an article.. because maybe then you’ll understand what it’s like to be too tired to just walk a few feet.

  • fliptopbox

    Whine, bitch, and moan. That’s all it ever is. Have fun being constantly miserable.

  • fliptopbox

    I’m on tpn too. I do live the same life. But living in constant panic mode is pathetic.

  • gomerblog

    **Gomerblog OFFICIAL STATEMENT** Ok normally we don’t like to intervene in the comments section, but we feel obliged to this time. First off we would like to apologize for including Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) in the original article. It is a horrible disease and should not have been lumped together with drug seekers. We edited it to “opioid induced gastroparesis” which is a better reflection of the articles original intent. Unfortunately drug seekers and “actors” are the true problem for us medical professionals and for patients with real gastroparesis. These drug seekers put on all kinds of shows in the ER and make it very difficult to discern real disease from drug seekers. Opioid abuse is rampant in the US. In 2012, 41,000 people died before of opioid overdoses. In 2011, 2.5 million ER visits were the result of prescription and opioid abuse. Medical providers who prescribe opioids are putting their medical license on the line and are responsible for the outcomes and it puts us in difficult situations sometimes. The articles intent was to shed light on how ridiculous and how low these drug seekers stoop to acquire narcotics. Opioids cause nausea + vomiting, and are probably a poor choice in gastroparesis patients for this reason. The article is not making fun of true gastroparesis patients but rather the drug seekers bogging down our system and causing professionals to become jaded with their acting. We apologize if you have true gastroparesis and were offended. It was not our intent. Gastroparesis does have real complications and can lead to serious morbidity and mortality. Opioid abuse does too though.

  • Stacie Hallford Clark-Benson

    Oh & I do not have Diabetes!

  • Stacie Hallford Clark-Benson

    Obviously you do not have it as bad as some of us including myself!

  • Daraterese Cathryn Gracie

    And with everything said – people that overuse narcotics due make the rest of look bad, esp. pts like myself who have never accepted narcotics for gastroparesis – having only used them for broken bones and wisdom teeth removal.

  • Stacie Hallford Clark-Benson

    REALLY???? I had a heart attack in May! Why did i have a heart attack? Because I could not eat a damn thing! It had been 2 years. I had lost 70 pounds & doctors would not listen to me. I was malnourished & my body could not take it anymore. My picture icon is for a person that just died of a heart attack & all they had was Gastroparesis. You do not have to live our life, so how dare you say that this will not kill us. I am now being fed by TPN which is through my veins. I am being told that I can not be on this for the rest of my life because it will kill me. But yet if I don’t have it, I will die from Gastroparesis. So do your research before you open your mouth!

  • Daraterese Cathryn Gracie

    I usually enjoy this site, funny and whatnot but this article given the content and the way it is written def. steps over a the line for a group of very sick people that need their disease treated in a better fashion. And yes some of the groups are woe is me but a there is also s lot of educational information exchanged that helps. Giving you opinion is one thing but being rude nasty is another. Best of luck with your health.

  • fliptopbox

    Because of all the whining and woe is me attitudes make me sick. It’s not advocating anymore, it’s a “who has it the worst?” pissing contest. It is disgusting. Go poke around in some gastroparesis “support groups”. You’ll see exactly what I mean.

  • Katie Ballard

    I’m pretty sure that the doctors that figure out that cause of death are considered professionals. Youu are so pathetic. You have no ide. Don’t judge every person with a illness the same there are some seriously mentally ill people with all sorts of forms of making themself Ill for all sorts of things. Don’t treat all of us like shit because of others. I can tell you I am not one to bitch and complain I just want to be able to raise my kids and watch them grow up. this disease is hard because it’s not all black and white.
    By the way I’m pretty sure they other diseases that don’t get shit on are also listing the cause of death as organ failure or whatever which is caused by whatever disease. Don’t be a trolling piece of shit.

  • Daraterese Cathryn Gracie

    Guess what… me too. Why would you ever act so nastily toward people advocating for each other? Very sad.

  • fliptopbox

    Guess what. I am a medical professional AND a gastroparesis patient.

  • Daraterese Cathryn Gracie

    I’m a medical professional. I also think our patients have knowledge from living through these diseases everyday. How do think the medical books professionals learned from are written?… they are based the experiences of “sick bitches”.

  • Stacie Hallford Clark-Benson

    I have suffered from Gastroparesis for 2 1/2 years now & it hit me overnight. Never touched a pain killer! Mine is caused from another disease that I have & am being told that I will never recover. How dare you make fun of these patients that have been dealt a raw deal in life!! It’s bad enough that doctors don’t understand this disease or how to treat it, so in most cases we are left to live alone in our own hell! This article infuriates me!! Just because you are heaving your guts out…which is called dry heaves people….doesn’t mean you are faking it. The nausea is real here folks & so is the pain! I suffer with it every minute of my life! I am so sick with this awful disease that I cannot even eat or drink anymore. I am fed intravenously which I am told is my only choice I have to live because the paralysis involves my entire digestive tract. But yet I can not be on TPN the rest of my life….so what does that mean folks?! Yes you got it! What a choice right? You should be ashamed of yourselves for writing this article. You know, I have always said that I would never wish this on my worst enemy, I think this article has changed my mind. None of you could deal with this for even a day. I guarantee it!!

  • fliptopbox

    Malnutrition caused by gastroparesis can kill you. Other issues caused by gastroparesis can kill you. But just because your stomach is slow won’t make it fatal. Get over yourself. I am so sick of all you high and mighty sick bitches who claim to know more than the professionals. Seriously shut up.

  • Daraterese Cathryn Gracie

    Do you have any idea how uneducated that sounds? The complications and starvation are caused by to gastroparesis, therefore it can kill you. That’s like saying someone died of kidney disease due to diabetes but diabetes can’t kill you. You’re splitting hairs over a disease that leads to people’s death. These patients need more care and more advocation. I’m ashamed this is the response from our medical professionals. Breaks my heart.

  • Katie Ballard

    You are actually wrong. There are people whose death certificate says Gastroparesis. Stop spouting your bs

  • fliptopbox

    No one dies from gastroparesis. They die from complications and other health issues that are related to it. But gastroparesis alone will not kill anyone.

  • fliptopbox

    Best gastroparesis article I’ve ever seen….and I have gastroparesis. Makes me sick listening to all these whiners bitch and moan on Facebook and in “support” groups about not getting enough narcotics then in the same sentence wishing their stomachs would work better. Well, duh, if you could lay off the freaking narcs your stomach might actually work better. It’s no wonder the ER staff hate gastroparesis patients, because the majority of them act exactly like this article. All these exaggerator drama queens make those of us who legitimately have bad bouts of gastroparesis look bad.

  • Katie Ballard

    Reading the comments on here I seriously hope you are all trolls and not medical professionals that clearly are NOT CURRENT on this disease. The lack of humanity, respect and compassion is appalling. This article is not funny, would you write an article like this about cancer? Or kidney failure? No then get a clue. That person may be a psycho but there are plenty of people without narcotics with ideopathic GP that suffer and it’s articles like this that help keep them suffering. PEOPLE ARE DYING FROM THIS DISEASE most of them are young women, and it’s not a joke. There are mentally ill people that lie and fake EVERY illness. Ideopathic Gp is something that needs more awareness and more research not to be made a mockery off. I have a gastric pacer and two feedin tubes and I don’t take narcotics. Before my pacer I used to vomit 35-40 times a day and it didn’t matter what I ate or if I ate so all of you that think it’s entertaining because you personally can relate, I’m really happy that you can’t because I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Society thinks these articles are funny and people should lighten up but there should be some level of common respect. So trolls that feel the need to make hateful responses go for it….

  • Melissa Adams VanHouten

    I am disgusted with your article. I have idiopathic gastroparesis, and whether you believe it or not, it exists, and I suffer daily. My life changed overnight, and no one can even tell me why. I have never taken a narcotic, and I have never asked for one. We are not drug-seekers. We are in pain. And, no, I will not take narcotics — for the very reasons you point to — but my pain is real. And I understand someone desiring pain killers to stop this suffering. I manage to eat about 500 calories a day, on a good day. Lots of fun to live like that. Maybe you should try it for a week or so. You “medical professionals” should spend your time looking for a cure or decent treatments rather than mocking others.

  • Trysh

    Disgusted with all the comments from the “professionals.” The article itself is sickening! Whatever happened to empathy? I know there are drug seekers abound, but you shouldn’t link all patients as this. Wow!! Just wow!! Satire or not this is totally offensive and inappropriate! I feel sorry for these caregivers who have no compassion for their patients. I hope they never become ill with such a horrid illness. For if they do I am sure karma will get them…Wow!

  • Guest

    Disgusted with the comments from these “professionals!” The article itself is sickening. Whatever happened to empathy? Wow!! I know there are drug seekers abound, however you can’t assume this with all patients. Again…..WOW!!

  • Diana Schaffer

    Maybe you should start the study with yourself?

  • Diana Schaffer

    Yes, we’ve lost so many this year, it’s really quite scary. Many from complications from not receiving proper or adequate treatment

  • Diana Schaffer

    Sadly, yes.

  • Ladybird

    Unfortunately it’s attitudes like this and some of the people who’ve commented that make many of us with GP and similar illnesses avoid hospitals whenever possible. For myself this resulted in a Mallory-Weiss (oesophageal) tear that required emergency surgery, at the time the surgeon asked my mom why I hadn’t come in sooner and she told him straight – When she does come in she’s treated like an addict and/or hypochondriac by the vast majority of hospital staff who, quite simply, don’t have the knowledge or training to deal with her condition.
    I know this is a satirical website but the venom and spite in both the article and responses tells me I’m right to stay home when really I should be in hospital getting fluids and iv meds. Because regardless of how poorly I am, most staff will simply view me as another “Deborah”.

  • Diana Schaffer

    As a medical person who has had GP for at least 17 years (we think going back even further), this type of “article” pisses me off. Most of us avoid the ER like the plague….even to the point of vomiting at home for days before coming in. I avoid taking anything except OTC if I can, but periodically end up in a flare that won’t calm down. I’ve had docs and nurses insist on giving me dilaudid or stronger, insist on giving me phenergan (which doesn’t work anymore). I had one nurse push phenergan too fast as I was leaning over the edge of the bed puking (cause they couldn’t find ANYTHING for me to puke into) after I’d told them I phenergan didn’t work. I ended up with a major dystonic reaction and with auditory hallucinations…all because they didn’t listen to someone who has been dealing with a medical condition for almost 20 years….if you act towards your patients the way you do on here, I feel sorry for them

  • Diana Schaffer

    Just because you don’t take them, doesn’t mean that no one needs them on occasion. I refuse them until I have no other choice. I’ve actually told docs not to give me things as strong as dilaudid cause I can’t tolerate them. I can generally get by with tylenol, advil or aleve, but periodically have a flare that doesn’t respond. To make such a general statement only hurts those who genuinely need them for flares

  • Diana Schaffer

    I applaud you for begin a teacher,as that’s one of the hardest jobs around. I’ve had GP for at least 17 years, maybe longer, and have been in the medical field for 20 years. I’ve been lucky that I found a treatment that worked pretty well, the stimulator. My one and only admission in all that time was shortly after the surgery for severe pain and vomiting….which I normally don’t deal with the vomiting. So, when the admitting doc gave me a hard time about getting 1/2 my regular OTC meds (liquid tylenol and advil), you better believe I got pissy with him. I avoid narcotics unless I have absolutely no choice. If I go into the ER and tell them what works (nothing stronger than low doses of morphine as a last resort), it’s because I’ve delay with this for so long, I know what works and what doesn’t.

  • Brandy Anne Marie Gresock

    Wow. In reading the other comments, I realize this site is satire, but as a GP sufferer, I HATE this article. I’ve been treated exactly like this article describes and it is both hurtful and embarrassing. It got to the point that I refuse to go to the hospital in my town because of the way I have been treated. I was sent home with active c diff (VERY dangerous) and unable to keep anything down. My GI’s office saw me and instructed me to come to THEIR hospital next time. This is ridiculous.

  • Carrie Beckwith

    Disgusting! A month ago a young woman called Sam was buried as her friends and family said their goodbyes. She died of gastroparesis. Another 21yr old girl is fighting for her life because she has an infection in her Hickman line, her only means of receiving nutrition due to gastroparesis. A young boy of 12 is fighting for his life in hospital for the upteenth time this year due to gastroparesis. Patients like myself fear going to A&E because of ignorance and attitude from the people who are supposed to be there to help us. Shame on you.

  • Stephanie Alexander Jones

    I realize that this is a site all about satire; however, having just read the piece about gastroparesis and all of the incredibly offensive, insensitive comments made by health care “professionals” about it, I have to say that I have not been this offended in a very long time. I am a retired college professor who used to teach Biology and Anatomy and Physiology and taught many students who later became nurses, doctors, pharmacists, ultrasound techs, etc. I certainly hope that I as well as other teachers they encountered upon their journey taught them something about empathy. Many of the comments made about this article are quite appalling and unprofessional. I had to retire at the age of 40 because I have gastroparesis, and, consequently, debilitating nausea. I have been to the emergency room one time in the 4 1/2 years that I’ve been sick, and that trip resulted in a two-week hospitalization and surgical placement of a J tube. This disease has been devastating for me, my husband, my family, and friends. I sincerely hope that none of you ever have to go through what I have. Unlike many other GP sufferers, I don’t experience pain (even thought I’m NOT diabetic). I realize that there are many patients that are drug-seeking and abuse the system, including GP patients. However, nobody deserves to be made fun of in the way that is happening here.

  • Dorothy Zeblin

    Strange that I have gastroparesis and have NEVER taken any narcotics for it. Addicts everywhere nowadays… Sad to see our doctors and nurses didn’t actually treat anything. When you are on opiates it slows you down inside. If she stopped them she would not die. This is the most bullshit article I’ve read about gastroparesis and I hope others agree. Sounds like this lady needs an intervention. Hope she finds help before she starts shooting her pills up herself.

  • Daraterese Cathryn Gracie

    Funny articles on this site yes, always good for a laugh. This article, horrible. Nasty and misleading for the patients who actually suffer with this disease. Does is suck that some people push fake this disease for drugs yes but sadly due to misinformation such as, perpetuating that only diabetics can have gastroparesis and not understanding that these patients can dry heave themselves into no productive vomit keeps a lot of GP patients from reeve proper care. I’m embarrassed for my profession right now.

  • Lulu

    Before this diagnosis, it was “chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia (as in “my fibro is acting up again” and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome” (the trifecta – lol)…..same deal, just new names.

  • daeanaira

    Make sure you push it fast, or it doesn’t work. ; )

  • Janna Venard Pyle

    A PCA pump with the button locked!

  • Kelly Goshon

    died laughing! So, so true….

  • Sharon Ogren

    Wow this sounds all to familiar

  • Jan Edwards

    I get so aggravated having to empty those empty emesis buckets every 5 minutes, LOL….the noise is so gross!

  • Teresa Wick

    How do we make it STOP?

  • Jessica Daly Carillo


  • houmamiss

    it’s ppl like this that are causing true pain mgmt pts to suffer

  • Gomerblog

    Those nurses ruining good recreational iv drug veins

  • Paynesha Anderson

    Now now..there’s always the single deposit of foamy spit in the corner. And when you look at them “well I don’t have anything *gasp* left”

  • Todd C Peterson

    I just cried a little bit and laughed out loud in the lecture I’m sitting in!

  • Beth Williams

    That is so accurate, it’s frightening.

  • Laura Weiss

    Sharon Ogren don’t you miss hearing it?

  • Erin Steele

    Bahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  • Tina Cox Rush

    Nailed it!

  • Dana McCulloch Barry

    Robert Cole This is so true!! But I think you get to leave the room & I get to clean it up!!!

  • Meg Annelise Allison

    Every day.

  • Cheryl Peterson Molloy

    All losers !!

  • Keith Pochick

    Tell that to a Noise Vomiter, Matthew Partrick…

  • Matthew Partrick

    Keith Pochick there is no need to move air across the vocal cords in order to vomit.

  • Tara Green

    Meg Annelise Allison

  • Nathaniel Allen

    Bless you, Gomerblog! The only thing I would have added is that the pt reeked of marijuana and insisted on a P.I.C.C. line because “the nurses ruined my veins.” :) Keep up the good work!

  • Keith Pochick

    Noise vomiters — the worst!!!

  • Brian D Ottesen

    Bahahaha! You are killing me, Smalls!

  • Kyle Hair

    I love it!!!

  • Yirima Sarah Simon

    I have seen this terrible condition in my pts :)

  • Meagan Crupi


  • Lillian Michelle Dickey

    Elyce Ponte – i always put them on a pump :D

  • Melanie Medina

    Lol. Seen this before

  • Connie Mundell
  • Betsy Stratton

    Keith Pochick

  • proudatheist

    no shit we have a pt we just admitted with this.

  • C2

    Maybe one of the best articles on here I’ve seen. Literally LOL.

  • Rikki SchonFeldman

    I know this patient well!!

  • Meghan Collins

    Just love u guys for this :)

  • Elyce Ponte

    Don’t forget the Phenergan and Benadryl FAST push!

  • Jessica Dill Lennon

    I be live there is a correlation between how loud someone vomits and how crazy they are. Would really like to do a research study.

  • Adriano Salicru

    Brilliant and accurate

  • Elizabeth Svoboda


  • Kristine Hickman

    Omg this is so true!!!!!
    Samantha Bikle does this ring any bells?!?

  • Isha Butler

    I thought this just happened at our hospital… Fascinating!

  • Gabrielle Mahoney

    “Her” dilaudid is a lifesaver!!

  • Dana Ecker

    Deja vu!

  • Michael Jones


  • Jennifer Stoner

    Lmfao…the caption below the pic?? Haaaaaa

  • Jennifer Stoehr Szidon

    Ahhhh. We know these patients!! Kay Garber, Kim Erbentraut Katelyn Reinhart Chris Denney!!

  • Karen Liddle Fabbiano

    I like how she fired the Dr, that never happens on our floor. Lol

  • Amanda Ambeault

    Too funny.

  • Laurel Bailey Fick

    I shouldn’t laugh but….nailed it!

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