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Kentucky Derby Will Include a Hospital Specialty ‘Race for the Roses’ at Churchill Downs

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LOUISVILLE, KY – With the Kentucky Derby just around the corner, excitement is mounting for all the festivities and races.  Many of the races leading up to the Derby race are overlooked, prompting interest in new sponsored races.  This year, the Derby introduces a thoroughbred race where departments from the University of Kentucky can sponsor a horse.

The departments will battle it out for a hospital gown blanket for their thoroughbred, and bragging rights until next year’s race.  Since everyone is now looking for some expert advice for making their picks, here is a horse-by-horse break down to assist you in choosing the winning roster.

    1. Butt Pus (24/1) – Sponsored by General Surgery.  Coming off an impressive victory in the Prelim Derby, there are some that favor this horse for a win.  Many have speculated that in a sprint it is difficult to run directly behind Butt Pus, giving a nice advantage.
    2. Sick Kiddo (54/1) – Sponsored by Pediatrics.  Although a long shot, don’t count this horse out of the running.  His short stature in comparison to the other contenders can be misleading.  Known for his energy and unpredictability, Sick Kiddo might just win a place in your heart.  Look out for his jockey who is a little overbearing and protective.
    3. Just Crazy Enough (13/1) – Sponsored by Psychiatry.  Some have called this horse unbalanced and odd, but there is no denying the power and speed of this horse.  The crowd will have to wait and see if he has the capacity to pull off a win.
    4. Tap That Shunt (33/1) – Sponsored by Neurosurgery.  The intense reputation of this horse has gotten some buzz and speculation about a potential high stakes win.  Little known is that this horse was raised on a farm, and his owner reports he feels quite at home in the vegetable gardens.  This horse needs to rely on his precise racing with no room for error to pull off a successful run.
    5. Vertigo (65/1) – Sponsored by Otolaryngology.  A versatile horse, he has done well on both synthetic and dirt tracks, as well as races of different lengths.  His poor odds are a reflection of not understanding his race methods.
    6. The Hostilist Ride (2/1) – Sponsored by Hospitalist Service.  Look out for this horse, his ride is just as impressive as his bite.  His jockey is known to be rather cruel to his horses, asking more from them than any other.
    7. Busty (44/1) – Sponsored by Plastic Surgery.  Ridden by the only privately paid jockey in the race, this horse has been known to mysteriously distract the others in a way no one has been able to articulate.
    8. X-Ray Finish (6/1) – Sponsored by Radiology.  A strong finisher, this horse has a real focus for the end of the race.  Weather may be a factor in this race, as he is known to have difficulty adjusting to bright sunlight.  His jockey tends to overcall the conditions and raise alarm about ruts in the track.
    9. Hold Down Lafort (27/1) – Sponsored by Oral Maxillofacial Surgery.  An often forgotten horse when thinking of the strong contenders for this race, this horse has all the capability without any of the surrounding pompous circumstance.
    10. Racing Rosette (62/1) – Sponsored by Pathology.  A classic horse, fitting all the described criteria of a winner, has left much to be desired in the prelim races.  There seems to be a discomfort when Racing Rosette needs to run close to other horses.
    11. Fatal Diagnosis (6/1) – Sponsored by Oncology.  A serious contender, the jockey for this horse never stops driving Fatal Diagnosis to the finish.  Some have criticized the intense way he is ridden, particularly at the end.
    12. Hands Off My Robot (42/1) – Sponsored by Urology.  Named after the technologically advanced way this horse is trained, there are some that believe the technology is getting in the way of his time.  His jockey rides him in a computer-simulated environment for practice, an envy of many of the other jockeys.
    13. Dance Like a Seizure (31/1) – Sponsored by Neurology.  The way this horse dances is almost reflexive, and interesting to watch.  His performance in the prelim races was so dramatic his owner nearly had a stroke.
    14. Eat My Bone Dust (9/1) – Sponsored by Orthopedic Surgery.  A massive horse, known for his power and strong starts, is a real contender in this year’s race.  His jockey has requested not to run next to anesthesia given the brawl at the prelim races between horses Fix That Fracture and Asystole.
    15. Turn Up the Gas (55/1) – Sponsored by Anesthesiology.  This horse has an odd sleep schedule the trainers swear by.  He is ridden by a jockey veteran who has a reputation for putting all of his energy into the start and finish of the race, leaving too much of a gap in the duration of the race.
    16. Jack of No Trade (11/1) – Sponsored by Emergency Medicine.  This is the horse everyone seems to love to hate.  Owned by one of the largest horse owners at the Derby, he is known to bring many false alarm horses to the race.
    17. Tachy Time (71/1) – Sponsored by Cardiology.  The best-paid jockey in the race rides Tachy Time, but he has not been able to find his rhythm in previous races.
    18. Candy Dilaudid (2/1) – Sponsored by Chronic Pain.  This horse is an obvious favorite to win this year’s race.  Winning all of his qualifying races, this horse has breezed his way to Churchill Downs.  A favorite of many, racetrack regulars would favor no other horse.
    19. Mind Your Own Business (17/1) – Sponsored by Trauma Surgery.  The owner of this horse is a frequent flyer to the Durby in general, and scandal surrounds him in the media for drug and alcohol abuse.  This horse has ran well in prelims but becomes combative at the end.
    20. Obi-Gyn Kenobi (10/1) – Sponsored by Obstetrics and Gynecology.  Also known as the “miracle horse” to those who know him well, this horse is guarded by very knowledgeable but overbearing staff at all times.  He has raced well in the past, as long as his jockey doesn’t run into his bradycardia issues.

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    Courtney Thomas

    They forgot Code Brown: Gastroenterology…
    The jockey is usually found poking around in everyone else’s business, but isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. The horse can sometimes be irritable and his speed can be fast or slow depending on his mood or diet. The upside is one he starts running fast, he’s unstoppable!

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    Andrèa Migneault

    Tachy time…fitting since I’m in cardiac

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    Patrick Nooney


  • Avatar
    Karen Townley

    took me a minute to realize these were fake names…ButPus?

  • Avatar
    Kristie Marie

    Elizabeth Witman

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    Laura Ruterbories

    Grady Spoonamore

  • Avatar
    Laura Ruterbories

    This is AMAZING!

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