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Ever Wonder How Radiologists Know What Studies to Recommend?

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Ever wonder how radiologists know what studies to recommend and perform?  GomerBlog has gone undercover into the bowels of hospitals to study radiologists.  After months of hiding under desks in dark rooms, this is what we have discovered: Radiology’s Circle of Tests.  Clinical correlation is recommended.



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  • Mick Beige-Brown

    RT : Ever Wonder How #Radiologists Know What Studies to Recommend? @Gregmogel @LLALO

  • Gretchen Browne

    Elizabeth Steinhaus Schick! Haha ! :-)

  • Tracey Muir

    Eventually they all get a PET!

  • Tracey Muir

    But that gives you an “out” of doing the scan….if it’s not clinically indicated then u don’t have to do it

  • Jenny Sandtoes


  • Ali Dennis


  • Stephanie Ellen

    Every time I try to open the page it shuts my internet down? It has happened on 2 separate occasions….not cool! LOL ’cause I want to read all about it!!

  • Tim Clay

    Where is the Nuc med??? Tracey Muir

  • Ranjit Singh

    Lol. Of course I do!!

  • Ranjit Singh

    Lol. Of course I do!!

  • Kesh Khullar


  • Ben Barry

    James Entwisle?

  • Angie Smith

    Kris Smith

  • Amy Frasure Daugherty

    Dana Davis and Steven Daugherty!

  • Conni Errickson Miller

    This is hysterical. I had an xray that showed no obstructing stones, but I was writhing in pain for a week so they did a CT scan. I came in the next day to get those results (that said approximately the same thing) and while giving the obligatory sample over a dozen rocks spilled out with almost immediate relief for me. The urologist and I had a chuckle about it – fortunately I am a pro at these and I am in the medical field. I have to laugh or I would cry.

  • Marilyn Smith

    This is hysterical. I promise I am sitting in a waiting room in a gown waiting on a radiologist to tell me, wait for it, if I need more or different scans. Taking this algorithm with me to make sure I get what I need. Bwahahaha

  • Chris Jones


  • Brian Boyd

    Oh no!! You’ve figured out our secret!! I’ll have to kill you all now. ;-)

  • Marshall Walker

    I’ll bite. They all are useful in certain scenarios depending on what you see on other modalities, not to mention the godamned ACR appropriateness criteria that we are supposed to know about and the occasional petulant surgeon saying “the indication is I want it.” Radiologist’s have spoiled children out of clinicians and it is our own fault.

  • Chris Cruz

    What did we do before ct and Mri??

  • Bill Farnham

    If I had a nickel for each s uch commentg I’d read, I could definitely retire well off! Reminds me of a very good diagnosis I’ve read of: VOMIT – Victim of Modern Imaging Technology.

  • Nicole Shabaz

    And don’t forget to “correlate clinically”

  • Lisa Huculak Rosenberg

    Lawrence Backus

  • Eileen Left

    MRI recommended – unless if it’s the weekend

  • Cory Bean

    This is milk-out-the-nose funny, as well as depressingly accurate at the same time

  • Alice Knight

    Laura Zichmiller

  • Kim Axness Peiffer

    This is pretty accurate, right Matthew Lungren?

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