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Medical Referral Placed to Bronies Facebook Group for Second Opinion

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HOUSTON, TX – 48-year-old Mark Wilkersten has been battling with bilateral knee pain for several years now.  After seeing his primary care doctor for chronic knee pain last week, he elected to take a second opinion.

“I didn’t like what my primary care doctor told me,” stated Wilkerson.  “He told me that my knee pain was likely due to me weighing over 270 lbs, my smoking habits, and lack of physical exercise.  I’m throwing the BS flag!  Some osteoathritis.  There has to be something else I can do to help.”

That’s when it clicked and Wilkerson felt he would get better and more reliable answers from his Bronies group.  “Any adult who enjoys My Little Pony will certainly have better medical advice than a board certified physician. They understand my body more.”

Wilkersen called his insurance company and asked for a second opinion referral to be placed to his Bronies Facebook group.  He is currently awaiting an approval in order to compensate the Bronies’ commenters online for their collective medical advice.

  • Doktor Schnabel

    Plague doctor from 1622 who practices blood letting and medical satire. My beak has mint leaves and straw to protect myself from the it looks good.

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