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One of the biggest complaints by providers of teenage and adult patients about ICD-9 was the absence of codes pertaining to babystrollers.  Thankfully ICD-10 has its priorities straight and addressed this.  Babystrollers are one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the teenage and adult population when you ignore all the other more common causes of morbidity and mortality in the teenage and adult population.

ICD-10 gives healthcare practitioners nine new babystroller codes:

V00.821A – Fall from babystroller, initial encounter
V00.821D – Fall from babystroller, subsequent encounter
V00.821S – Fall from babystroller, sequela
V00.822A – Babystroller colliding with stationary object, initial encounter
V00.822D – Babystroller colliding with stationary object, subsequent encounter
V00.822S – Babystroller colliding with stationary object, sequela
V00.828A – Other accident with babystroller, initial encounter
V00.828D – Other accident with babystroller, subsequent encounter
V00.828S – Other accident with babystroller, sequela

“The number of people falling from babystrollers is really quite astounding,” said orthopedic specialist Brock Hammersley.  He believes that teenagers and adults are bored with skateboards, snowboards, and bikes, and are opting to perform their tricks and halfpipe maneuvers on souped-up babystrollers instead.  “It’s the new cool.”

One of the main critiques of ICD-10 is that the specificity of babystrollers doesn’t go far enough, that we need to account for more specific characteristics of a babystroller, such as its color and brand.  Clearly there are very different implications for a red babystroller versus a blue one, or an UPPAbaby babystroller versus a Bugaboo one, right?  RIGHT???!!!

All right, healthcare practitioners!  Let’s go out there and document the crap out of those babystrollers!  ICD-10 RULES!!!

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