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These are probably the best pages any health care professional can ask for!2016-03-06

“We’re building forts out of drapes, wanna join?! – Anesthesia, OR 4″

Pager - Admin

“Go home, I’m gonna write ur notes today – Hospital Administrator”

Pager - AMA

“Patient leaving AMA ;)”

Pager - Colleague

“OK if I cover ur pager while u take the day off? – Colleague”

Pager - DNR

“FYI, we made every patient in the hospital DNR! – Palliative Care

Pager - ER Closed

“We closed the ER for today, no new admissions! – The ED”

Pager - Family

“Family figured it out, no questions for the MD!”

Pager - Gowns

“New infectious disease policy: no yellow gowns required! – ID”

Pager - IT

“Free sledgehammers, go nuts on any broken computers! – IT”

Pager - Open Beverages

“OK to leave open beverages at nurses station! – Joint Commission”

Pager - OSH

“Cancel the transfer, we’ll care for the patient! – Outside Hospital”

Pager - Pens

“Good news, we found some of your lost pens!”

Pager - Pharmacy

“National shortage of IV Dilaudid, no plans for restocking – Pharmacy”

Pager - Primary

“We’ll be happy to take over as primary team! – Other team”

Pager - Rads

“Send patient, we are not backed up – Radiology”

Pager - Tylenol

“Patient in pain, only asking for Tylenol.  Historic moment!!”


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