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PT Asks Patient to “Walk Like an Egyptian”

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ATHENS, GA – In breaking rehabilitation news this morning, Athens Medical Center physical therapist (PT) Susanna Hoffs has just asked her deconditioned 89-year-old patient in 321 to “walk like an Egyptian.”

Gomerblog reached out to Hoffs for comment.  “Foreign types with the hookah pipes say, ‘Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh,'” Hoffs elegantly explained to Gomerblog.  “Walk like an Egyptian.”

“Hoffs has been known to think outside the box,” said fellow PT Vicki Peterson.  “I guess you can’t argue with her if it brings results.”

Gomerblog asked Hoffs what inspired such creativity during this PT evaluation.  She smiled.  “All the kids in the marketplace say, ‘Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh,” she replied.  “Walk like an Egyptian.”

With the help of Social Services, patient will be discharged to subacute rehabilitation at Our Lady of the Eternal Flame.

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