Med Student Explains Krebs Cycle Using Only the Word “Dolor”

Krebs cycle dolor Spanish
It makes more sense in Spanish actually.

LAS VEGAS, NV – Our favorite medical student is back!  Today UNLV medical student Karen Weaselsnout-Jones would have made third-year Florida medical student Gunner McBrownnose proud: she explained all ten steps of the Krebs cycle to her Spanish-speaking patient using only the word “dolor.”  Realizing that no English-speaking people wanted to listen to her ridiculous Krebs cycle nonsense in English, she hoped for something different in Spanish.  She excitedly described in painstaking detail to her patient Miguel Ruiz, among other things, that oxaloacetate (dolor) plus acetyl CoA (dolor) plus water (dolor) yields citrate (dolor) and CoA-SH (dolor) thanks to the enzyme citrate synthase (dolor) and the process known as aldol condensation (dolor).  Gomerblog spoke to a disconcerted Ruiz with an interpreter to understand his thoughts.  “I don’t know what The Snout was saying,” Ruiz nervously confessed, “but I sure hope I don’t have crabs.”