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Benadryl healthy scratches triamcinolone cream
I hope we don’t have to use a Hail Mary: systemic steroids.

TUSCALOOSA, AL – In preparation for today’s big game against the University of Tennessee, Nick Saban has asked his team of dermatologists to prescribe and apply triamcinolone cream to his players listed as healthy scratches before taking the field.

“Saban was not happy after last week’s attempt to use IV Benadryl just made all his healthy scratches fall asleep right before kickoff against the Razorbacks, at which point they would’ve been better served on the injured/reserve list,” explained Jeff Allen, the Head Football Athletic Trainer at the University of Alabama.  “That’s why we’re gonna give topical steroids a go.  Our players should be much more alert this time around.”

Saban will start conservatively with a thin film of 0.025% in the first half and monitor things very closely.  If Tennessee has all the momentum entering into half time, Saban will strongly considering increasing to 0.1% concentration.


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