Halloween sexy nurse

Halloween sexy nurse regular nurse
How she dresses when it isn’t Halloween

ST. LOUIS, MO – Sexy nurse Bessie Seductiva says that Halloween is her absolute favorite holiday of the year, which is why she is going to change things up and trade in her routine sexy nurse garb and dress up as a regular nurse for Halloween tomorrow.

Man, is she gonna look professional!

“It’s the one time of year where you can completely throw away what you normally wear – in my case a tight blouse with the zipper pulled down a bit too far, a skirt, and yes, I do often just pose like this on this red couch – and just go all out and be someone completely different,” Seductiva told Gomerblog, as she listened to her own heart in a racy manner, something she does every day except on October 31.

Seductiva hopes to turn some heads when she dons her appropriate attire of light-blue scrubs that don’t reveal any cleavage, skin, or underwear, and will likely just blend her in with the rest of the health care work force.

“Isn’t this the most outlandish get-up?!” Seductiva asked us, throwing a contact isolation gown on top of her scrubs as the finishing touch to bring it to a whole other level of appropriate.  “A few weeks ago I went to look for a Halloween consume, saw this, and thought ‘This is craziest regular nurse costume ever!’ and so I bought it.  I can’t wait to wear this tomorrow, I’m totally gonna win this year’s best costume!  No contest!”


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