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Medical Scribe Gets Doctor to Take Notes, Shifting the Balance of Power

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AUGUSTA, GA – In a striking new development in the world of medical documentation, emergency room physician Arthur Gates admits to still being in a daze after somehow finding himself taking notes for the medical scribe Tim Penn evaluating the patient in ER bed 9. 

Tim Penn medical scribe
“Hi Tim!”

“Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” Gates has been overheard muttering to himself, trying to piece together the pieces of what has just transpired.  “I don’t understand…”

“This development potentially shifts the balance of power between health care professionals and medical scribes forever,” admits President of the American Academy of Scribes Jacob Penmanshipman.  “Before today, the relationship between the health care professionals and medical scribes was a one-way street.  We’re on a different street now.”

Prior to the encounter in ED bed 9, Gates & Penn went through their usual efficient process for at least three hours in which Gates spoke and Penn documented.  Then out of nowhere, Penn went into ER bed 9 where he, per nursing reports, performed a competent medical history and full physical examination.  Penn came out of the room, found Gates, and started rattling off a perfect HPE, and Gates found himself in the awkward position of reflexively documenting everyone of Penn’s words. 

“What… just… happened…” Gates muttered monotonously, wide-eyed but blank in expression.

“I’m going to grab lunch, so feel free to do the same,” Penn told Gates before he disappeared around the corner, the familiar sound of the square-metal button being punched quickly followed by the opening of the double doors echoed Bryant’s departure for sustenance.

“What… the…”

According to our ER sources, Gates has gathered himself but has not taken a lunch break.  Instead, he has been scouring his document for typos, nervously fearing that Penn might come back and find them and tell him a thing or two.  

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