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Blayr is a recovering nurse who’s obsessed with comedy and condiments. You can follow her at @UncommonBee on Twitter and Instagram. Website: **Please follow Blayr on Twitter and Instagram at @DistractedBee **
frustrated nurse

New Nurse Retires After First 12-Hour Shift

OCEANSIDE, CA – New graduate Betty Jones has decided to retire after her first ...

nurse smiling

Nurse Confesses She’s Just In It To Get Yelled At

AUSTIN, TX – Nurse Regan Ludwig recently admitted to ABC News that she works ...


Resident Goes Back To Preschool To Learn Basic Social Skills

Second Year Resident Jonathan Pratt was recently admitted to ABC Preschool to learn some ...

charge nurse 2

Charge Nurse Forgets To Assign Herself Patients For Fifth Week In A Row

Charge Nurse Cynthia Rollins recently forgot to assign herself patients….. yet again. She swears ...

nurse prison

Nurses Visit Local Jail To See What Freedom Looks Like

NEBRASKA – The nurses of University of Midwest Hospital recently visited Cook County jail ...

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