Thursday, July 21, 2022


radiologist reading

Radiologist Recommends Against Clinical Correlation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Radiologist Dr. Rachel Mondusa, while reading an abdominal CT scan, actually recommended against clinical correlation.  A standard dictation line stated at the end of reports taught to all radiology residents in...
upset surgeon

Surgeon Furious That X-Ray Tech Not Available 2.3 Seconds After Demanding X-Ray in OR

HOUSTON, TX – Dr. Henry Witherspoon, a prominent general surgeon in the Houston area, began foaming at the mouth in anger, after an X-ray machine was not immediately available 2.3 seconds after he requested an X-ray...

Master Radiologist Able to Hedge on Every Possible Medical Condition

BOSTON, MA – According to the abdominal CT scan report internist Dr. Sam Erikson just pulled up, master radiologist Dr. Bart Waddell has once again demonstrated his uncanny ability to hedge on every conceivable diagnosis...