Thursday, July 21, 2022


radiologist reading MRI

Health System Approves New Priority Level for Radiology Exams: ‘Insanity Stat’

BOSTON, MA - New England-based hospital system GinormaHealth announced Tuesday that effective August 1st a new priority system would be in effect for all imaging exams.  "We believe that when the care of a...
groundhog day

Radiologist Day: 6 More Weeks of Clinical Correlation

NEW BRIGHTON, PA – Every year on February 2 the world waits to see if a groundhog will see his shadow on what is aptly named: Groundhog Day.  The medical community has their own...

Genuine ‘Slipped and Fell’ Rectal Foreign Body Victim Stuns Experts

RICHMOND, VA - In what is thought to be a world's first, witnesses have confirmed that a young Virginian man genuinely slipped and fell in his garden this week, entrapping an eggplant in his...
ultrasound guided

Radiologists Captivated by Ultrasound-Guided CT & MRI

OAK BROOK, IL - Though the summer is coming to an end in 2015, there is already a huge buzz for the “101st Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting” of the Radiological Society of North...

Local Doctors Refuse to Take Care of Nickelback, Cite Do No Harm

DETROIT, MI - On Saturday at 3:14 p.m., Nickelback’s tour bus crashed into a herd of rouge elephants that had escaped from the now abandoned Detroit City Zoo.  All four members were brought to a local ER.  Their...
Radiology scanner

Tip: If You Need to Extubate Patient, Send to Radiology

PITTSBURGH, PA – Hope Mercy ICU is starting a new policy that if you need your patient extubated just send them to radiology. "Usually when your patient doesn’t quite meet extubation criteria but you have...
couple kissing

Physician Foreplay 101: How to Seduce Your Doctor

Seduce any doctor by using valuable information about his or her specialty to ensure total success in the bedroom. Emergency Medicine Go skydiving to get the adrenaline going.  Speed home.  Once there, run upstairs and cut...

My RAD Girlfriend: Episode 1

My RAD Girlfriend is a medical cartoon strip written by a boyfriend of a radiologist.  These jokes and situations can be enjoyed across all healthcare.  Enjoy! Check out: - My RAD Girlfriend: Episode 2 - My RAD Girlfriend: Episode...

CDC Warns of Emerging Disease Deemed ‘Panniculolithiasis’

ATLANTA, GA - The CDC has issued an advisory regarding a new disease being reported sporadically across the country.  There have now been over 250 confirmed cases of what the agency has named “panniculolithiasis.” The...

Radiology Intern Already Unable to Completely Exclude Any Diagnosis

COLUMBIA, SC - Radiology intern Luke Brees did not expect to make history when he signed in for his night shift in the ED reading room on Thursday night.  However, the newly-minted doctor stunned...