Tuesday, May 18, 2021



Nuclear Cinnabon Improves Radiology Department’s Patient Satisfaction Scores

SEATTLE, WA -  In a bold move to increase patient satisfaction, the radiology department at Our Lady of Pseudohypoparathyroidism (OLPHPT) Hospital has introduced a delicious way for patients to be tested for delayed stomach...

New ABCs of Emergency Medicine, “Airway, Breathing, CT Scan, Disposition”

WASHINGTON, D.C. - New practice-changing guidelines for resuscitation in the emergency department were released just ahead of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) meeting this year.  Dr. Kahn Sult-Freely, ACEP’s new-acting President, made the...
coffee art over under penetrated

Radiologist: “This Coffee Art is Under Penetrated”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Radiologist Calvin Sherpa smiled as the morning cup of joe warmed his hands this crisp autumn morning.  But that shortly faded just as he was about to take a first...
doc hunt

Video Game Review: Doc(ument) Hunt

Pros / Doc(ument) Hunt is a fun follow-up to Nintendo's Duck Hunt that allows medical providers to channel their rage against paperwork by shooting up flying charts. Cons / The fun wears off quickly as you're overwhelmed...
crying hospital

Breaking: First Batch of Crying July 1st Interns Spotted

ATHENS, GA - In breaking news to GomerBlog, the first batch of crying July 1st interns were spotted in a rarely used stairwell at Georgia Medical Center's West wing.  Three interns to be exact...
wrist x-ray

TSA Takes Wrist X-Rays for Poorly-Insured Passenger

NEW YORK, NY - Shocked at the out-of-pocket costs he was incurring for the care of his recent wrist fracture, New York area resident Brian Slatkin scoured the internet for the cheapest airline ticket...

Zoo CT Scanner Inundated with Morbidly Obese Humans

HOUSTON, TX - The Great Texas Zoo had very high hopes for a newly installed $2M CT scanner. Local veterinarian Dr. Levi Quinn informed Gomerblog: “It was supposed to help us keep animals healthy...

Epidemic of “Tennis Elbow” Hits Radiologists Everywhere

The increase in cases of an overuse injury called lateral epicondylitis, known more commonly amongst AARP members as "tennis elbow," has seen a rise in radiology residents over the past few years, according to...

Interventional Radiology Performs CT-Guided Chart Biopsy

RICHMOND, VA - History was made yesterday at Richmond Medical Center, as an interventional radiology (IR) team led by Dr. John Johnston-Johnson performed the world’s first successful CT-guided chart biopsy. “Words cannot express this moment,”...
New England Journal of Medicine New England Journals

Doctor Summons Courage to Toss Unread New England Journals

PITTSBURGH, PA - Sometimes it's better to acknowledge one's own shortcomings and move on.  That is why we're saluting a hero, internist Dr. Keisha Boots, for summoning the strength and courage to do something...