Thursday, July 21, 2022


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Road to the Final Four Best Lifestyle Medical Specialties

INDIANA - After another exciting and grueling March Madness Hospital Edition, with some upsets and bracket busters, the Final Four Medical Specialties with the Best Lifestyle have been determined.  Once again the solid #1...

Lab Coats Now Available in Brand New Colors

MEMPHIS, TN - Like the stethoscope, the white lab coat has not only been a magnet for bodily fluids and random food products, but also a steady symbol of medicine as an institution.  But...
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Breaking: First Batch of Crying July 1st Interns Spotted

ATHENS, GA - In breaking news to GomerBlog, the first batch of crying July 1st interns were spotted in a rarely used stairwell at Georgia Medical Center's West wing.  Three interns to be exact...

My RAD Girlfriend: Episode 4

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What Does Google Think of Your Medical Specialty?

See what Google thinks of your medical specialty.  Don't see your specialty listed?  Look it up and post away on our Facebook post!  We'd love to see more ...

Medical Subspecialties as Star Wars Characters

The release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is upon us. Before we re-watch Episodes I through VII in our respective break and call rooms, let’s take a look at healthcare’s cast of...
endless loop

Pathology and Radiology Reports Recommend Correlation with Each Other, Endless Loop Ensues

BOSTON, MA – The ICU team of a local area hospital had struggled for days with an increasingly slow EMR for one particular patient. “At first I thought it was just temporary, but it just...
ultrasound guided

Radiologists Captivated by Ultrasound-Guided CT & MRI

OAK BROOK, IL - Though the summer is coming to an end in 2015, there is already a huge buzz for the “101st Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting” of the Radiological Society of North...

Radiologist Attempts to Sell Cars Online

The community of Firth, Idaho is confused and uncertain after a recent car ad posted by local Radiologist Dr. Bentham. The ad is as follows: Year: 2007 to 2015 Price comparison: None at the time of...
Barolo tap

Intern Fails at Champagne Tap, More Like Barolo Tap

ATLANTA, GA - Internal medicine intern Timothy McDuffy's quest to perform a lumbar puncture (LP) in which there are zero RBCs in the first and last tubes, the so-called "champagne tap," continues in failure...