Local Mom Meets Fellow Anti-Vaxxer at Botox Clinic

CHARLOTTE, NC – Charlotte mom Sarah Catherine Murdoch, 34, was delighted to make a new friend after striking up a conversation with another patron at an area Botox clinic last week.  She found 35-year-old Madeline Grace Thompson to be bubbly, receptive, and full of similar views.  It was as if the pair was actually a set of twins separated at birth.

botox injection
“Botox is completely natural, vaccines not so much”

“We both drive white Mercedes SUVs, we both have husbands named Scott who are bank executives, we both have two kids, and we were in the same sorority, but at different colleges,” Murdoch explained.

The similarities didn’t end there for the two.  “It turns out that both of us did extensive research on Google and decided not to harm our children with repeated injections of dead virus and bacteria components mixed with numerous preservatives and other toxins.  Big Pharma is making billions by poisoning American kids, and we both took the time to educate ourselves and make an informed decision.”

Murdoch was then called back to the treatment area by a nurse who proceeded to inject the muscles of her face with a potent nerve toxin produced by deadly bacteria in a drug company’s factory.