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ORANGE, CA – Mrs. Stephanie Holmestown experienced what all parents fear while watching their kids play sports; her eleven-year-old son Andrew collided with another player during a soccer game, fell to the ground holding his left leg, and did not get up.  “My heart sank.  I ran to him immediately and saw his left leg was bent in the wrong direction.”

femur fractureAndrew and family were taken to the local hospital and seen by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joseph Kuennen who diagnosed the obvious femur fracture.  “We need to keep Andrew for an inpatient stay, with traction on the leg and surgical reduction tomorrow morning,” reported Dr. Kuennen.  At this point, Stephanie’s motherly nurturing instincts sounded the alarm.

“The thought of him staying all night in a hospital bed, being fed non-organic GMO food while given synthetic drugs from Big Pharma made me scared.  How is his body supposed to heal with these chemicals in his system?”  She thought about the surgical steel, anaesthesia, staples, and pain killers that the impersonal institution of modern healthcare was thrusting upon her like she had no other choice.  “I decided this was not right for him or our family, and if I disagree with some of it, I disagree with all of it.  I can do a better job with personal care and proven remedies,” she remarked.

The family then left AMA.  At home, Stephanie first called Ellen, her Reiki healer.  When she arrived, Ellen held her hands over the fracture site for a few minutes, closed her eyes to focus on transferring positive energy, then finished.  Next, Stephanie researched “proven herbs and essential oils for healing” on Google and got to work.

“The testimonials from the website I found during my research made me feel like I had found the answer.  The body has a way of healing itself, and the answers to unlocking that healing power can be found in nature.”  After a quick trip to the herbalist, Stephanie made a mixture of rose otto oils for bleeding reduction, then thyme for disinfection.  She then used tea tree and lavender oil to promote wound healing.  Finally, she blended eucalyptus and birch bark leaf herbs into a tea with glacial spring water and made her son drink it as he passed out from the pain.

Several hours later, Andrew walked down the stairs.  “Look, Mom!” he exclaimed.  Sure enough, the leg was healed, and he could walk again.  Stephanie smiled and said, “I knew I was right!  All the research I did online paid off.  No need for expensive invasive surgery with time honored treatments.  All that remains is a scrape that can be eliminated with coconut oil cream.  I give major credit to Ellen, but the herbs and essential oils did the heavy lifting.”

Word spread to Dr. Kuennen quickly.  “I am not sure what to make of this.  If too many patients do this, I am going to have to sell my other home in Aspen.”

I have been working in healthcare since 2008. I have vast clinical experience in retrieving blankets and pillows, counting respirations for a full minute, raising the head of the bed to exactly 30 degrees, scrubbing back in to surgery after touching something that isn't blue, and calling patients with positive STD tests. I am motivated by free food in the nurse's lounge, patients standing outside their rooms staring as I pass, and my student loan company. Someday I hope to write a prescription for common sense.