Road to the Final Four Best Lifestyle Medical Specialties

INDIANA – After another exciting and grueling March Madness Hospital Edition, with some upsets and bracket busters, the Final Four Medical Specialties with the Best Lifestyle have been determined.  Once again the solid #1 seeds made the Final Four, however several #2 seeds gave them a run for their money.  ENT, Pathology, Plastics, and PM&R made outstanding runs, but experience won out in the end.

#16 seed General Surgery went head to head with Radiology, but a late evening appendectomy nailed them and ultimately led to their demise.

The ROAD to the Final Four continues to be Radiology, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology, and Dermatology.  However, don’t be surprised to see some upsets next year with a strong performance by other specialties.

Who is going to win the finals this year?  Vegas odds are pointing towards Dermatology, but we will see what time the Anesthesia team can get broken out of the OR on Monday.finall four medical