Study: Average Wait Time for Prior Authorization is Eternity

prior authorization prior auth eternity
Courtesy of the American Medical Association (click to enlarge)

CHICAGO, IL – A recent web-based survey conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA) of 1,000 physicians who have recently attempted requests for prior authorization (PA) revealed that the wait time for a PA decision ranges anywhere from one lifetime to forever, with the average wait time most likely sitting at around eternity.  “During the prior authorization process, it is clear that physicians can expect to see their children grow up and have families of their own and then watch all of them pass away from old age,” explained Mary Farmer, a spokesperson for the AMA.  “They can also expect several Olympic Games to have taken place, U.S. presidents to have taken the oath of office, and possibly the colonization of Jupiter by human beings before a prior authorization decision comes back as an inevitable denial.”  According to AMA statisticians, physicians and the human race as a whole should become extinct before the next prior auth is approved.