coffee art over under penetrated
coffee art over under penetrated
To a radiologist, this is poor quality

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Radiologist Calvin Sherpa smiled as the morning cup of joe warmed his hands this crisp autumn morning.  But that shortly faded just as he was about to take a first sip of his caffe latte.  Something was wrong: the coffee art was under penetrated.

“I can’t do it, I just can’t enjoy my coffee knowing that the vertebrae aren’t visible behind the panda’s cute fuzzy face,” a hesitant Sherpa told Gomerblog while repeatedly bringing the cup to his face, unable to commit to a sip of caffeinated, life-affirming goodness.  “I mean, look at this!  The left diaphragm isn’t even visible to the edge of the smile.”

He went back up to the counter at Blue Bottle, and explained the problem, such as how he couldn’t appreciate any lung parenchyma behind the bear’s left chubby cheek.  The barista asked if he wanted another coffee instead.

“Yeah, that’d be great actually,” Sherpa responded, energized once more.  “Keep it simple: just get me a regular coffee, black.”

Sherpa headed back to his seat, only to realize the mistake he had made.  Unfortunately, the order was in, and the barista was already making his coffee.  It was too late.

“Ahhh, damn it to hell,” Sherpa muttered to himself.  “The next one’s gonna be over penetrated.”

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