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Cardiologist Extremely Disappointed by Amazon Echo

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DALLAS, TX – Unable to visualize any cardiac images let alone make any useful observations about the human heart, a cardiologist at Baylor University Medical Center says he is extremely disappointed by the Amazon Echo.

“Sure, you can ask Alexa to play music and the sound quality is good, but I can’t tell you about any of the valves or estimate an ejection fraction,” said cardiologist Dr. Kevin Lu, who realizes a bubble study on this thing is out of the question. “I mean, come on.”

Lu ordered a 2nd-generation Echo off of Amazon, and thought it was a steal at $79.99 considering the hefty price tag of most conventional echocardiogram machines.

Now he knows why.

“There’s no screen, and even if I ask Alexa to add a screen, it won’t, so that’s useless,” Lu continued. He was venting his frustrations. “I’d take a routine ECG over this. A simple heart exam can tell me more than this damn device. I can’t imagine the 1st-generation model; that means this is an improvement. Oh, brother.”

We asked Lu if had heard about the Amazon Echo Plus.

“Unless it can do what a TEE [transesophageal echo] can do, count me out, not interested,” he replied, tossing the Amazon Echo into the trash. “I bet their Amazon Cath is garbage too.”

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