Neverkidd Neverkidd

Neverkidd is an ultra-serious medical professional and arguably the first human documented to have never said or written anything tongue in cheek. You could look it up. His family, co-workers and teachers have all signed notarized statements to that effect. He enjoys writing for Gomerblog because that lets him continue this unbroken record of never kidding. He is the author of “True Tales from a Physician Assistant,” which he wrote using a random pen name. Available on
confident physician

E.R. Doctors To Druggies: “Get More Creative!”

A national conference of Emergency Medicine doctors has created a list of suggestions for ...

airport security

JCAHO Takes Over Airport Security

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a move no one expected, JCAHO took over control of ...

retriever in hospital

Allergy-Sniffing Dog Weeds Out Dilaudid-Seeking Liars

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – Rollda-Dice Hospital’s ED now sees an extra fifty patients a ...

nurse hospital

Patients’ Relatives Get to REALLY Be a Nurse for a Day

Many relatives of hospitalized patients like to tell nurses how to do their jobs. ...

nurse spies

JCAHO Recruits “Nurse Spies”

WASHINGTON, DC – A reliable source tells GomerBlog that JCAHO is unhappy about too ...

Schizophrenics’ Voices Get To Fill Out Patient Satisfaction Forms

MADISON, WI — When RN Tara Noluck got summoned to see her nursing supervisor ...

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