Wednesday, January 20, 2021
worst patient

10 Reasons Why You Are the Worst Patient Ever

Want to know why no nurse or physician or other health care provider wants to come into your room and take care of you?  Here are 10 reasons why you are the worst patient...

My RAD Girlfriend: Episode 1

My RAD Girlfriend is a medical cartoon strip written by a boyfriend of a radiologist.  These jokes and situations can be enjoyed across all healthcare.  Enjoy! Check out: - My RAD Girlfriend: Episode 2 - My RAD Girlfriend: Episode...
medical student

Caricatures of a Medical Student, an Intern, and a Paediatrician

Here are some fantastic caricatures depicting medical Students, junior doctors, and paediatricians from a fan all the way from Ireland.  If you enjoyed the cartoons, check out more at the artist's website Oh yes, the days...
neurology consult

Poll: Why Are Neurologists Consulted?

We polled thousands of neurologists across the world to get down to the bottom of why they are consulted.  Here are the top 9 reasons that bring neurologists into the picture.  A historical note:...

My RAD Girlfriend: Episode 2

Check out: - My RAD Girlfriend: Episode 1 - My RAD Girlfriend: Episode 3 - My RAD Girlfriend: Episode 4
finall four medical

Road to the Final Four Best Lifestyle Medical Specialties

INDIANA - After another exciting and grueling March Madness Hospital Edition, with some upsets and bracket busters, the Final Four Medical Specialties with the Best Lifestyle have been determined.  Once again the solid #1...