Monday, September 21, 2020

Doc-Related Comic Strips

Please check out some incredibly funny and sadly accurate comics below!! Dr. Peter Valenzuela is a family physician who's worked in multiple healthcare settings in the last two decades including private practice, academics, multi-specialty medical...

Particularly Rough Night on Inpatient Psych Ward Inspired Angry Turds Game Franchise

BENTONVILLE, AR - In a classic example of art imitating life, a disgruntled inpatient psychiatric nurse created the now famous Angry Turds franchise of games, movies, apps, t-shirts, crocs, and mumu’s. The game is...
signout mood graph

New Infographic Depicts the Mood of Two People Signing Out to One Another

JACKSON HOLE, WY - After observing thousands of signouts over the past 12 months, Gomerblog has constructed a graph depicting the mood of health care professionals depending on their role during the signout process....
Chipotle foodborne-illness menu

Staying True to Their Identity, Chipotle Launches New Foodborne-Illness Menu

DENVER, CO - Chipotle admittedly had a rough 2016 but was surprised to see its customers stay loyal to the brand.  Realizing they can really get away with anything, Chipotle has released its new...
Kate Upton swimsuit

Kate Upton on Cover of New England Journal’s Swimsuit Issue

BOSTON, MA - The New England Journal of Medicine will release its highly anticipated first annual swimsuit issue later this week, and for its inaugural cover they have chosen none other than supermodel Kate...