Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Harrison Hamilton

Harrison: Sequel to Broadway Smash “Hamilton” in Early Production

  NEW YORK, NY - Understanding that the only possible way he can top the success of his own Broadway masterpiece Hamilton is by grabbing a book even larger than the 800-page Alexander Hamilton biography...
medical student

Caricatures of a Medical Student, an Intern, and a Paediatrician

Here are some fantastic caricatures depicting medical Students, junior doctors, and paediatricians from a fan all the way from Ireland.  If you enjoyed the cartoons, check out more at the artist's website Oh yes, the days...
anti vaccine brain

Mutations in the Anti-Vaxxers’ Brain Discovered

Scientists have made a major breakthrough in understanding the brain functions of anti-vaccine proponents (anti-vaxxers).  Mutations in the Y74 gene encode for these transformations.  Environmental factors, such as US/UK location, lack of a formal education, Facebook...

Updated 2015 ACLS Algorithm

ACLS KEY BELOW: * Medical Team Confused as Patient Made DNR Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays ** Joint Commission Mandates Extensive Timeout Prior to Initiating CPR *** Product Review: Mattel’s Resuscitate Me Elmo **** New CPR Guidelines Recommend Switching Out...

Top 14 United Airlines Memes

We scoured the Internet to find the BEST United memes and tweets out there and came up with these 14.  Got funnier memes?  Be sure to post them in the comments!!                           Top United Articles!  

My RAD Girlfriend: Episode 4

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